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What is the mission of the Combat Engineer Battalion?

To enhance the mobility, counter-mobility, and survivability of the Marine Division through close combat engineer support, and to provide limited general engineering support that is required for the functioning of the Marine Division.


What does the Combat Engineer Battalion consist of?

An H&S Company, an engineer support company, and 4 combat engineer companies.


What does an engineer support company consist of?

A company headquarters, an engineer equipment platoon, a utilities platoon, and a motor transport platoon.


Mission of the engineer support company?

To provide personnel, equipment. And appropriate task units to other elements of the battalion in support of operational requirements, and to provide minimum potable water for the Marine division and electrical power for designated elements of the Marine division.


4 tasks of the Engineer Support Company:

1. Provide construction, materials handling and lifting equipment, and operators. 2.Provide potable water. 3. Provide electrical power. 4. Provide motor transport equipment and operations.


Mission of the Combat engineer company:

To provide close combat support of an engineering nature.


What does a combat engineer company consist of?

A company headquarters and 3 combat engineer platoons.


6 Mobility tasks of a Combat Engineer Battalion?

1. Conduct engineer recon 2. Plan, organize, and coordinate the assault breaching of explosive and non-explosive obstacles 3. Employ assault bridge systems. 4. Provide repair and reinforcement of existing bridges. 5. Construct short span bridges 6. Provide temporary repair of existing roads and limited construction of combat roads & trails.


3 Countermobility Tasks of a Combat Engineer Battalion?

1. Plan, organize, and coordinate the construction of simple and compound explosive and non-explosive obstacles. 2. Plan and contruct obstacles that require special engineering equipment and skills. 3. Perform specialized demolition missions beyond the capability of other division units.


What the 3 General Engineering Tasks?

1. Provide essential construction. 2. Provide utility support 3. Construct and improve expedient VTOL sites


Mission of H&S Company?

Command, control, and admin for battalion ops. Supply, food, comm, chaplain, admin, medical.


What does H&S Company consist of?

Bn HQ with a HQ section, S-1, S-2, S-3,S-4, Supply, Mess, Comm, Medical, Chaplain, Company HQ.


13 Tasks of the Combat Engineer Company?

1. Provide engineer recon as required. 2. Provide assistance for cross-country movement of tracked and light wheeled vehicles. 3. Erect temporary engineer-type structures to assist in movement of light vehicles & personnel. 4. Construct and operate light rafts 5. Reinforce and repair existing bridges w/ local materials for passage of light vehicles. 6. Improve existing terrain for use as helicopter terminal points. 7. Furnish technical assistance in the fabrication and positioning of light obstacles. 8. Supervise the emplacement of minefields and booby traps. 9. Furnish technical and mechanical assistance in the installation of temporary cut-and-cover type field fortifications. 10 Perform specialized demolition missions that are beyond the capability of the infantryman. 11. Provide specialized assistance in breaching obstacles, including mines, from the high water mark inland. 12. Supervise extensive or sensitive minefield clearance. 13. Perform any combat engineer related tasks when augmented with the necessary elements of the engineer support company.