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What is the primary mission of a Recon BN?

-To conduct ground reconnaissance and observation in support of the Marine division and its elements.


What is the Difference with Force/BN Recon units?

-Force Recon performs missions farther behind enemy lines and is employed by the Marine Expeditionary Force.
-BN Recon performs its missions closer to friendly lines and is employed by the division.


What are the 10 tasks performed by a Recon BN?

-Conduct pre-H-hour recon
-Engage the enemy w/supporting arms as directed or authorized by the division commander.
-Implant and monitor sensors
-Capture selected prisoners
-Conduct specialized terrain recon like: beach,road/route, and HLZ,DZ, recon missions
-Conduct initial terminal guidance
-Perform special missions


What is the organization of a Recon Bn?

-Headquarters,Service Comp, and 4 Recon companies
-Each Recon Comp includes a headquarters section and 3 platoons of surface swimmers and inflatable boat handlers.
-Limited # are trained as underwater swimmers and parachutists


What is the sole objective of Recon training?

-Successful execution of the Recon Combat Mission.
-Capable of conducting undetected activities on enemy ground under conditions of limited support from sources outside the teams.
-Ex. Patrol movement, info collection submissions of patrol reports, debriefing, submission of final reports.
-Accomplished by stressing team integrity, balance, and realism throughout all phases of recon training


What are the 4 phases of Recon training?

-Basic Individual Training, Advanced Individual Training, Basic Unit Training, and Advanced Unit Training


What is included in Phase 1 of Basic Individual Training?

-Preparatory parachute training, Demolitions, Weapons Training and Re-qualification, Reporting routes and Communication, Communications Training, Survival-Evasion-Resistance-Escape Training, Intelligence Training, Prelimiary SCUBA Training


What is included in Phase 2 of Basic Individual Training?

-Physical Training, Parachute Training, Swimmer Equipment Training, Scuba Qualification Training, Surf and Open Water Training, Submarine Training, Inflatable Boat Handling, Recon Patrolling, Initial Terminal Guidance Training


What is included in Phase 3 of Basic Unit Training?

-Basic Unit Training is conducted to weld individuals into effective operating teams.
-Conducted concurrently w/ Advanced Individual Training


What is included in Phase 4 of in Advanced Unit Training?

-Advanced Unit Training may be conducted in support of landing exercises planned by other units or during exercises and executed soley by the recon unit