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_____________ is to protect interior working crews (attack, search and others) by pulling and STRATEGICALLY placing protective lines between them and OBVIOUS OR POTENTIAL areas of fire spread, AND to ensure egress if retreat is necessary.

Mission of backup


Backups only purpose is to __________.

Watch out for safety of interior crews


The backup group provided the ______ that led our department to create __________. Crews kept telling us how backup crew wa used as a ___________. Those on the outside thought the officer and crew assigned to backup were inside looking out for ________.

Impetus, mission statement.
Second attack line.
The interior crews.


Backups two primary concerns:

Monitoring interior conditions.
Knowing locations of ALL companies operating within the structure.


Procedure should dictate initially no line smaller than ________ should be pulled for attack. If attack thinks line is too large, they can call for booster line and keep ______ inside as backup. That means ________ should be assigned at every working fire at which a line is pulled.

1 1/2 in.
1 1/2 in.
Backup group


Backup has three responsibilities:

Ensure safety of ALL INTERIOR crews.
Position and maintain a working backup line.
Keep command informed


The backup officer should be a ____________ who command believes will be able to identify potential trouble areas and _________ from the backup crew and the line _________ to check on other crews.

Seasoned officer or firefighter.
Move away.
For short periods of time.


If backup group finds a fire, can do one of two things:

Small/nonthreatening fire - inform ATTACK on the radio/in person.
Fire of significant size - inform COMMAND


3 parts of "position and maintain a working backup line".

Backup officers first task is to determine suitable location for backup line that will protect interior crews AND to locate means of egress.
Backup takes crew to location and gives them detailed instructions.
Backup then leaves area of backup line and moves from work area to work area to ensure other crews are safe.


If command tells backup to knock down fire (LAST RESORT), backup must: (3)

Member should STAY behind to remain focused on interior crews.
Officer must be aware of TIME/not focus on fire too long.
Doors CLOSED in specific area until attack becomes available.


Command informed by backup of fire, command can do one of four things:

Send SEPARATE attack company.
Request ATTACK to move.
Inform backup that crew being sent to backup and when they get there, backup will have NEW designation.
Tell backup to knock down fire and SOMEONE will be sent to overhaul.


In urban settings, a supply line taken from _________ should suffice as an alternate water supply.
If water available and fire intensity or its hold on structure is a CONCERN, engine assigned backup can _________.

A separate hydrant.
Take its own hydrant and lay in.


Backup officer.
Backup gives location of where he is going to crew. If crew doesn't hear from officer in ______, someone will ______ OR _______.

45 seconds.

Go check on the officer OR
Advance the line.


Backup crew secures it's own supply if: (5)

Near FLASHOVER and offensive strategy.
Fire attacking STRUCTURE itself.
Multiple FIRES/multiple LEVELS.
Fire in large structure with MULTIPLE backup lines.
Fire in COMMERCIAL occupancy.


If there is any doubt about the safety of crews, _____________ should be established for the backup lines.

An alternate water supply


As a rule of thumb, the backup line should ________________. Reasons? (2)

Follow the attack line into the structure.

Decreases possibility of opposing lines.
Backup may take a different way in and not know where attack is.


Proper location of backup LINE and its crew depend on:
*Once positioned, line should be stationary*

Number of floors in the structure.
-If fire on first floor, backup LINE TWO-THIRDS between point of entry and attack crew.
-structure has 2 floors, backup LINE should be positioned according to locations of fire AND working crews.


The placement of the backup CREW depend on (4)

Location of fire.
fire in the Attic areas.
if fire is on More than one floor.
fire in the Basement.
(LAMB-backup line like a lamb/lion)


If stretching line into uninvolved room (second floor), ______ to pull line may save ________. If attack line goes left, back up line goes ______.

10 seconds.
30-60 seconds.



If fire in basement, backup position must be _______. If backup officer has concern with basement fire, then _______. If this is done, ___________ should be assigned to the top of the stairs PRIOR to the original backup line _________.

At top of stairs.
Line taken downstairs.
An additional backup crew line.
Going downstairs.

*backup line moved to side of stairs*


If fires on multiple floors, and attack on second floor after first floor knockdown, backup officer and crew member should __________.
Backup officer should move until: (2)

Should advance their line upstairs after attack. Ensure safety of attack and quickly move back downstairs to ensure not getting cut off.

Command declares fire under control AND
Attack has given benchmark "fire knocked down".


In attic/basement, if line is NOT actually advanced to level of working crews, backup officer must _________.

Rotate among
-backup line.
-working crews.
-and means of egress.


3 person crew possibilities (attic/basement) (2)

Assign another FF to backup as soon as one is available.
Leave single member with radio. Has line and within 10-20 ft of working group.
*decisions about who is left alone: department chief AND incorporated into written procedure*


Normally, the backup group is a _________.

Safety valve


Backup group should not be terminated until:(5)

All VISIBLE flame extinguished.
Attack benchmark "Fire is knocked down".
All areas have been checked for EXTENSION.
Command observes no smoke "FORCIBLY" leaving/color lightened.
MOST IMPORTANT, Command benchmark "Under control"


Once fire is under control, backup can be:

Typically moved to assist attack with overhaul


If attack and search on second floor and second floor is small, backup can:

Leave nozzle at top of stairs and FF at bottom of stairs.


P. 146 Attack and search groups operating on different floors, backup line positioned as if fires were on both floors of a structure - ___________.

Up the stairs with additional line.

*then says give edge to line at all*
*then "location of fire and search officers proximity to egress"*


Multiple backup lines and backup officer(s). How many?

No officer ESPECIALLY BACKUP should have more than 5 subordinates.
-if 5 or 6 man crew is assigned and officer designated can control two separate backup crews in different areas, ONE OFFICER may be sufficient.
-distance between two backup lines may make it impractical.
-one backup line can cover TWO OR MORE attack groups.


If multiple groups that normally DO NOT USE hoselines are assigned, then:

Multiple (and individual) backup lines MAY be warranted.


If two or more backup groups are required:

It may be advisable to designate backup as a BRANCH


___________ will dictate where backup FALLS on command's to do list.

Fire conditions


_________ determines when backup comes to the TOP of the to-do list.



Backup close the door and protect stairway for following reasons: (4)

Occupants have easier time descending stairs.
Crews have easier time getting into upper floors.
Attack can open door to start controlling fire.
Working groups enter, already have a backup crew working.


Normally backup is assigned after ____________ and perhaps even after ___________ have been assigned and have begun working.

Attack groups.
Search groups.


There may be times when command assigns backup immediately on arrival. Crew could be used for: (3)

Protect means of egress and access.
Provide a protective line for search crews if first priority is SEARCH.
Ensure safe and continuous means of egress for interior crews if fire involves more than one level or area.