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The incident management system is built on ______. It's the incident commander's (IC's) responsibility to ______________.

Focus on the entire incident


______________ then need to focus on their specific assignments.

Division and group officers


______ is pretty much an attitude. It's directly related to ______, ________, as well as __________.

Command presence

The situation.
One's knowledge and experience.
Specific personality traits


The key to command presence is ________________ and _____________. The key is ______________.

An attitude that allows you to run the fire.
Not let the fire run you.
Being able to control these emotions


Tips for maintaining command presence: (5)

Assume your pose-normal=confident, not normal=in doubt.
Listen more than you talk-as much info short amount of time (listening to radio and knowing my people).
Bunker up-stand outside and run your fire, bunker up.
Communicate-be consistent (the key).
Make your own decisions-don't let officers run, you're responsible


Two Chiefs create a _______.

Think tank
-2 Chiefs better than one
-things almost always run smoother with 2 Chiefs


Routine house fires normally _____________________.

Do not require an incident commander and an operations chief
(Routine = No)


Our ability to grab another chief or company officer to fill the role of operations chief depends on: (2)

Size of the fire.
Number of crews and firefighters on the scene


______________ is to direct and lead crews in emergency situations.

An incident commander's job


All officers should be trained to _________________. If you assign a crew to attack, once they enter the building and disappear in the smoke, you should _____________________.

About the same level in the department.

Have a good understanding of exactly which evolutions will be conducted inside the structure


The only way to know what is being done by crews is ______________. A structure fire is no place to ________________.

Drill together and conduct tailboard critiques immediately after the fire is darkened down.

Make assumptions concerning the actions of your crews