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What is another name for Adrenergic Drugs?

Sympathomimetic Drug


The Nurse is administering an adrenergic drug and will monitor for which possible effect?

Increased heart rate
The Agonist response is vasoconstriction and CNS stimulation.


What conditions do adrenergic drugs treat?

Asthma, Open angled glacoma, and Nasal congestion.


Salmeterol Inhaler is appropriate for?

Prevention of asthma attacks not used for acute attacks.


The adrenergic drug dopamine can have an effect with which other drug or drug classes?

Tricyclic antidepressants, Monoamine oxidase inhibitors(MAOIs), and Antihistamines.


The Medication Neo-Synepherine helps with?

Alpha adrenergic activity causes vasoconstriction in the naseal mucosa which promotes shrinkage of the mucosa and promotes easier breathing, however too much spray to often can lead to greater congestion because of a rebound phenomenon.


Dopamine can be administered at a low or a high rate for what reasons?

At low rates is can dilate blood vessels in the brain heart and kidneys, and mesenatary, increasing the blood flow to these areas.
At a high rate dopamine can improve contractility and cardiac output.


A patient has been given to much epinepherine what will the nurse monitor and expect to do for this patient?

Toxic effect of adrenergic drugs are mainly an extention of thier common adverse effects, such as seziures, hypertention, dysrhythimas and other effects, but the 2 most life threatening include the CNS and the cardiovascular system.


Adrenergic Agonists

Adrenaline Supporters!!
Alpha 1- increase heart contractility and vasoconstriction, dilate pipils, decrease salivary gland secretion, increase bladder and prostate contraction.
Alpha 2- Inhibit norepinepherine release, promotes vasodilation and decreases BP. decreases GI motility and tone.
Beta 1- "one heart" increases contractility in the heart, increases heart rate, increaseas renin secretion and BP
Beta 2- "Two lungs" Bronchodilation, decreases gi and mtility, increases blood flow to skeletal muscles, relaxes smooth musclles in the uterus. increases CBG


Dopamine administration

IV Continously through IV and pump only


Dobutamine- Toxic effects

Palpatations, skippy beats, CNS and CVS problems



Contracts the heart in a + or - way increasing or decreasing the cardiac output.



+ or - effect on the heart rate either raising or decreasing the HR



+ or - effects with electrical impulses on the heart.