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Adrenergic blockers at the ALPHA receptors lead to?

Vasodilation, decreases blood pressure, and constriction of pupils.


An IV has administering Vasopressor has inflitrated the nurse will expect to give which drug to reverse the effects of the vasopressor in the inflitrated area?

Phenotolamine (Regitine)


A patient has been given a alpha blocker as treatment for benign hyperplasia. what patient education will the nurse provide?

Change to sitting or standing positions slowly to avoid a sudden drop in blood pressure. (postural hypotention)


Beta blockers cannot be stopped abruptly because?

Possibility of chest pain or rebund hypertention may occur if stopped abruplty


Adrenergic blockers

Alpha 1- Vasodilation, decrease BP, reflex tachy, pupil constriction, suppres, ejaculation, reduce smooth muscle in the bladder, neck and prostate.
Beta 1- reduce cardiac contractility, decrease pulse
Beta 2- bronchoconsrtiction contract uterus, inhibit glycogenolysis
Beta 1-


Phentolamine (Regitine)

Alpha blocker indicated for hypertensive episodes, and catecholamine secreting tumors (pheochromocytomas)


Tamsulosin ( Flomax)

Alpha blocker primarily used to treat BPH and selected for male patients. Relaxes smooth muscle to improve urinary flow. Contraindicated for patients taking ED medications causing hypotenstion effects.


Atenolol (Tenformin)

Beta blocker cardiodselective to prevent future MI treatment of hypertention and angina.


Carvedilol (Coreg)

alpha and beta blocker treatment for heart failure most commonly added to digoxin


Nursing consideration while taking Adrenergic blockers

postural hypotention, weight gain, dizziness, faitning, low HR, low BP.