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What does the fire officer develop that addresses and minimizes the chances of harm by identifying and controlling the factor that might lead to firefighter injury or death?

Incident Action Plan (IAP)


What is the first step in developing an incident action plan?

Understanding the causes of firefighter deaths and injuries.


What are four simple habits to improve the safety of a crew?

- Be physically fit
- Weat seat belts
- Practice safety through training and personal example
- Maintain fire company integrity at emergency incidents


What accounts for the largest percentage of traumatic firefighter deaths?



What are the prime factors that directly cause death while operating in burning buildings, followed by trauma?

Asphyxia and burns


What must fire officers fully understand in order to guide their actions?

All local policies and procedures


When must a fire officer determine an appropriate course of action and give specific directives to subordinates to indicate cleraly how the situation is to be handled?

If a situation does not fall under an established SOP.


Any condition that would pose an immediate or delayed threat to life, cause irreversible adverse health effects, or interfere with an individual's ability to escape unaided from a hazardous environment.

IDLH - Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health


What requirements does the OSHA regulation and NFPA 1500 establish for firefighters operating in an IDLH environment?

- A designated OIC
- Two FFs who enter the IDLH area together and remain in visual or voice contact with each other at all times, while wearing their SCBA
- Two properly trained FFs equipped and trained


A dedicated crew of firefighters who are assigned for rapid deployment to rescue lost or trapped members.

RIC - Rapid Intervention Crew


What is needed to track the identity, assignment, and location of all firefighters operating at the incident scene to ensure that the RIC can recognize in a timely manner that a firefighter is missing?

A personnel accountability system


What should be undertaken after a sudden change in operating conditions, after a flashover or collapse, or when moving from offensive to defensive fire attack?

A personnel accountability report (PAR)


What is the minimumsize of an interior work team?

two firefighters


What is one of the most important reasons for establishing and maintaining an effective Incident Command Structure (ICS) at every incident?

Every officer is expected to maintain a continual connection between the functions being performed by the company and the overall situation.


What is based on a hazard and situation assessment that weighs the risks involved in a particular course of action against the benefits to be gained from taking those risks?

a risk-benefit analysis


What provides the framework for commanding high-risk tasks under a dynamically changing environment?

Operating within the NIMS


What is a written document that provides information that can be used by responding personnel to determine the appropriate actions in the event of an emergency at a specific facility?

a preincident plan


What two inputs while operating at an emergency incident are combined to produce an incident action plan?

Review the preincident plan and make observations about current conditions


Who is the designated individual at the emergency scene who performs a set of duties and responsibilities that are specified in NFPA 1521?



What is the standard organizational structure that is used to manage assigned resources so as to accomplish the stated objectives for an incident?



Whose primary responsibilities is to identify hazardous situations and dangerous conditions at an emergency incident and recommend appropriate safety measures?



What can be assigned to subdivide responsibilities for different areas and functions at events such as high-rise fires, hazardous materials incidents, and special rescue operations?

An assistant ISO


What is the process of providing rest, rehydration, nourishment, and medical evaluation to members who are involved in strenous or extended-duration incident scene oeprations?



What is the tactical-level management unit that provides for medical evaluation, treatment, monitoring, fluid and food replenishment, mental rest, and relief from climatic conditions of the incident?

incident scene rehabilitation


What is the most important first step with any exposure?

Wash the exposed area immediately and thoroughly with soap and running water.


Who should be notified immediately after an exposure incident has occured?

The FD infection control officer