fire officer principles & practices 3e

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Ch. 1: Introduction to the Fire Officer
The nfpa 1021 standard defines fo...,
Which level of fire officer is th...,
Which level of fire officer gener...
205  cards
Ch. 2: Preparing for Promotion
What established the civil servic...,
Where was the process of developi...,
Which two documents are used by h...
76  cards
Ch. 3: Firefighters and the Fire Officer
Fire officers should not complain...,
Who is responsible for the fire d...,
Which three distinct roles did ja...
82  cards
Ch. 4: Fire Officer Communications
What is a repetitive circular pro...,
What occurs when the intended mes...,
The communication cycle consists ...
25  cards
Ch. 5: Safety and Risk Management
What does the fire officer develo...,
What is the first step in develop...,
What are four simple habits to im...
26  cards
Ch. 6: Understanding People: Management Concepts
Where would most fire officers fi...,
What is built upon the concepts i...,
What are the two generalized scho...
33  cards
Ch. 7: Leading the Fire Company
What is described as the process ...,
Leaders can be effective only to ...,
Who uses persuasiveness and motia...
11  cards
Ch. 8: Training and Coaching
What ensures that every firefight...,
What is one of the enduring conce...,
What is the foundation of the wor...
28  cards
Ch. 9: Evaluation and Discipline
What are performed to ensure that...,
What are essential components of ...,
What is intended to help the empl...
17  cards
Ch. 10: Organized Labor and the Fire Officer
The range scope and tasks of a fi...,
What is a negotiated legal agreem...,
What is a less powerful form of w...
12  cards
Ch. 11: Working in the Community
Each community has special needs ...,
What will understanding the cultu...,
What is required to help the cust...
17  cards
Ch. 12: Handling Problems, Conflicts, and Mistakes
What is the difference between th...,
What is an expression of grief re...,
What is a state of opposition bet...
28  cards
Ch. 13: Preincident Planning and Code Enforcement
What is a document that is develo...,
What is described that contains e...,
What has the potential to produce...
50  cards
Ch. 14: Budgeting
What is the level of funding that...,
What is classified as propose inc...,
What is created to provide fire p...
6  cards
Ch. 15: Managing Incidents
What is a core set of doctrines c...,
What should be only as large as t...,
What is the recommended span of c...
34  cards
Ch. 16: Rules of Engagement
What is described that has window...,
What is described as something th...
2  cards
Ch. 17: Fire Attack
What is described as the volume b...,
What is the only way to go from a...,
What is an important factor in li...
20  cards
Ch. 18: Fire Cause Determination
What includes material objects as...,
What are tangible items that can ...,
What are evidence in written form...
5  cards
Ch. 19: Crew Resource Management and Leading Change
What are the two fire officer pra...,
What is a behavioral approach to ...,
What describes the process of rec...
25  cards

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