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What happened in February 1922?

Michael Collins began building a new national army from pro treaty IRA units


What happened in April 1922?

Hard-line anti-treaty IRA Group led by Rory O'Connor Ocupied the four courts in Dublin


What happened in June 1922?

The first elections held in the free State.Collins' pro treaty Sinn Fein won a majority of seats in the government 58 while Devalera only won 35 seats


What was Collins' New pro treaty army called?

Free state army


What happened to Henry Wilson , Brutish General

He was shot dead in London by two IRA members who were later hanged


What happened after Henry Wilson, British General's, death?

It was never proven who ordered the killing but the British blamed the anti-treaty IRA group in the forecourts. The British threatened collins that they would attack the four courts if he did not sort out the antitreaties


What did the anti treaties do in retaliation to the British threat on them?

They abducted a free state officer , Ginger O Connell


What did Collins do after the abduction of Ginger O' Connoll?

He and the provisional free state government attacked the four courts


Why were people taking sides after the attack on the four courts?

Because there was a split in the IRA groups


Who were the anti treaty IRA groups headed by and what were they called?

Liam lynch


What were the pro treaty IRA groups called and what did they believe ?

Free state army
Upholding democracy as majority voted for them


Start of the fighting

Pro treaty took Dublin after a week of fighting and by August 1922 the pro treaty had areas of Cork and Kerry
Irregulars started using gorilla warfare campaign against pro treaty


Gorilla ambushes

Claimed the life of Collins in Béal na mBláth, Cork 22nd August 1922 after Arthur Griffith died of a stroke.
WT Cosgrave became president of provisional government and Richard Mulcahy became commander in chief


After deaths of Collins and Griffith

Government began executions of the irregulars captured during the guerrilla warfare and the special powers act allows the government to execute a regulars for offences such as possessing a gun.there led to Erskine Childers execution in November 1922


Irregulars in revenge to Erskine Childers death

Assassinated TD Sean hales


Retaliation to death of Sean Hales

For leaders of the regulars who had occupied the forecourts were executed (Rory o Connor, Liam mellows, joe mckelvey and Richard Barrett )


How many regulars officially executed and how many assassinated were killed in ambushes



Spring 1923

Irregulars campaign reduced to destruction of property and railway lines


How many Irregulars imprisoned




When Liam Lynch the leader of the irregulars was killed in action in April 1923 his successor Frank taken called a ceasefire in May 1923 and ordered the irregulars to dump their arms and return home