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digestive tract runs from ...

mouth to anus


the GI tract is a specialized tube that allows the body to ?

gain nutrients from the outside environment


most nutrients must be broken down and processed by ____ and ____ methods.

biochemical and mechanical methods


digestive organs and accessory organs play a role in breaking down what?

large polymers such as carbs fats and proteins into smaller monomers


onced reducted to simple building blocks, absorption across the gut wall happens and the distribution to the body's cells via ____.

via the circulatory system


food that cannot be broken down by the digestive system is excreted as waste and represents what?

a missed opportunity to gain nutrients


in a healthy adult how long is the GI tract?
Why does it appear longer in cadavers?

30 feet in length
-due to loss of muscle tone


GI tract walls : what are the four layers?

mucosa, submucosa, muscularis externa, and serosa


highly specialized cells are present generally in what layers of the GI tract?

mucosa and submucosa this allows different areas to accomplish very specific biochemical processes (enzymes assist with this)


what do enzymes help with

the breakdown of food


if food moves too fast through the GI tract what happens?

the body is unable to efficiently extract nutrients from it before it gets excreted


if food moves to slow through the GI tract what happens?

can cause extreme discomfort and lead to serious disorders


what is the flow of breakdown and absorption of nutrients

1. ingestion of polymers
2. breakdown of polymers
3. propulsion
4. absorption
5. storage and defecation