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Mammals (class)

milk-producing mammary glands, fur or hair, teeth comprising of incisors canines, premolars and molars, lower jaw being made up of one bone


Primates (order)

hands and feet that are made up of 5 digits that can grasp, primate thumbs or toes are opposable, nails instead of claws (touch receptors at the tips)
Forward facing eyes, colour and 3D vision (stereoscopic), protective bone at the outer side of the eye socket
Flexibility (adapted to life in trees, rotate shoulder socket)
Large brains, many times more neurons than a non-primate
Social mammals
Long gestation (time taken to develop inside mother) period


Hominoids (superfamily)

larger and more complex brains
Broad palates and nasal regions
'Y5' molar teeth pattern
Long upper limbs
Ribcage that creates a wide chest
Reduced lumbar spine, expanded sacrum and absence of tail
Shoulder joint mobility (overarm serve/bowling action)


Hominin (subfamily)

modern human species and close relatives who are extinct (could walk erect on hind legs)



Bipedal (two-footed) locomotion
• Foramen magnum
• Angle of tibia and femur
• Shape of pelvis