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Passive immunity

refers to the acquirement of antibodies from an external source (temporary resistance)


Active immunity

refers to production of antibodies by one's self


Natural immunity

refers to the production of antibodies by one's body without artificial intervention (acquiring pathogen and its antigens naturally)


Artificial immunity

refers to the introduction of pathogens and its antigens through vaccines or injections


Herd immunity

a high proportion of a population is immunised or has the specific antibodies against an infectious disease, thereby preventing the spread of infection from person to person (protects newborns, AIDS, chemotherapy, elderly)
When a low proportion is immunised, a chain of infection is easily established (rapid spread)


Autoimmune disease with reference to autoantibodies

Immune system does not recognise HLA markers (identified as non-self) and attacks their own body cells Autoantibodies- attacks own body's cells instead of pathogens