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A relay pumping operation consists of:

A pumper positioned at the water supply pumping and pressurizing water through a supply to another pumper that repressurises and so on until it reaches the attack pumper

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In oder to be effective relay operations require:

Preplanning, training, and coordinating of all participants

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Water supply pumper in relay pumping:

Should have the largest pumping capacity. This pumper takes water from the hydrant or static source and pumps it to the next relay pumper.
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Relay pumper:

Receives water from another pumper, raises the pressure and supplies it to the next apparatus

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Fire attack pumper:

Pumping apparatus located at the fire scene that receives water from the relay and is responsible for supplying the attack lines and appliances required for suppression

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Basically the need for relay pumping is determined by the:

Amount of water required at an incident and the distance between the incident scene and the water source

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If flow through a relay needs to be increased it can be done in 3 ways:

Increase the diameter of the supply hose or add more supply lines
Increase the pump discharge pressure
Add more pumpers to the relay to overcome friction loss or elevation loss

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Increasing flow during a relay operation may e accomplished by:

Placing additional pumpers in the system

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The overall capacity of a relay system is determined bye the:

Smallest pump and the smallest diameter of hose used in the relay

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When laying long distances the hose lay between each pumper should be:

As equalized as possible

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It is advisable or a driver to maintain an intake pressure of ____ to _____ psi as a relay pumper


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Once the relay operation is flowing water at the desired pressure the driver of the attack pumper should:

Set the pressure governor at an appropriate level
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Apparatus equipped with pressure governors should be set in the_______ mode when acting as the attack pumper and in the________ mode while working as a relay pumper


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When the need for relay pumping has ended the operations should be discontinued from the:

Fire scene first

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Open relay method consists of:

Deploying portable folding drop tanks at each intake for pumpers in the relay operation

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