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Mechanical foams are the most common in use. The foam must have 3 things done to work, they are:

Proportioned mixed with water
Aerated mixed with air

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Foam concentrate

Raw foam liquid in its storage container before being combine with water and air

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Foam proportioner

Deice that injects the correct amount of foam concentrate in to the water stream to make the foam solution

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Foam solution

Mixture of foam concentrate and water before the intoduction of air

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Completed product after air is introduced into the foam solution

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Class b fuels are divided into two categories

Hydrocarbons and
Polar solvents

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Hydrocarbon fuels such as crude oil, fuel oil are petroleum based and have a specific gravity of:

Less then one. They float on water

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Class b is effective on hydrocarbon fuel fires because:

It floats on the surface and suppresses the vapors

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Polar solvents include: alcohol, acetone, ketones, esters. They are miscible which. Means they:

Mix with water. Class B foam is not effective with them

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Foam extinguishes or suppresses vapors by the following methods:

Separating Creating a barrier

Cooling: lowering the temp

Suppressing or smothering: prevents the release of flammable vapors reducing the possibility of ignition or reignition
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