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The Documents tab in the Care Everywhere activity is like: A) Labs tab in Chart Review B) SnapShot tab in Chart Review C) Encounters tab in Chart Review D) Notes activity

C) Encounters tab in Chart Review


When there is a question mark by an item in the Reconcile Outside Information activity, what does that mean?

It means there is information about it that cannot positively match with the same in your system.


In the outside lab report, why would the data NOT match what you see in Results Review?

It wouldn’t match because the data in this lab report is not part of the patient’s ‘inside” chart. It is from an outside organization.


In the ___________ activity, an allergy in the outside list would be highlighted in _______ when you place the cursor over it because that same allergen is already in the inside patient chart:
A) Reconcile Outside Information/yellow B) Reconcile Outside Information/green C) Rooming(Allergies section)/yellow D) Rooming (Allergies section)/green

B) Reconcile Outside Information/green