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How do you enter a pool is a recipient?

1. In "To" enter P for pool followed by a space
2. Enter the area abbreviation, such as SZ.
3. Enter the name of the pool, such as user last name


To which group would you send an informational message?

To a Class.


True or False: The Out Basket stores draft messages that you plan to send.



Describe one way to find all messages about patient Maria Sanchez that are in my Inbasket.

Perform a search based on the patient name and time period.


I'm working in my Results folder and I can't remember what the exclamation mark icon means. What's one way I can find out.

Click on the question mark in the right corner of the Inbasket.


I'm expecting a new refill request message. Why don't I see a folder with the name yet?

Because there are no Rx messages yet. Folders only appear when they have messages in them.


Nurse Denver sees a result note message in her in basket. It has a green circle ± next to it. What does that mean?

Someone else in the pool was taken responsibility for that message.


True or false: You can use a result note to send the message.



What is a reflex order?

An order that is based on the results of a previously placed order. The order is made from the Results folder (reflex button).


Dr. Graphite reads a result and wants to the document his thoughts about it. How should he do that?

He can enter a result note without routing it.


True or false: Within a result note, you can compose a letter to a patient.



What are 3 common reasons to write Result Notes?

1. Document thoughts about the test results (without routing)
2. Request clinical staff follow-up
3. Document follow up with patient


What are 2 ways to access the Inbasket?

1. Hyperspace toolbar
2. Dashboard


How do you take responsibility for Inbasket message?

Click on the message and click take. Message icon will turn to a green circle and a + sign.


What are three different ways to advise a patient of test results?

1. Write result note
2. Write a letter (quick action)
3. Document in a telephone encounter