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How do you view all the visits that Dr. Taconite had with Sally for which the encounter diagnoses were sinus related?

1. Go to the encounter tab
2. Select filter
3. Select diagnosis Sinus


True or false: The report in the sidebar and the SnapShot report in the SnapShot are the same thing.



Richard calls to inquire about his most recent TSH test. What is the fastest way for the nurse to look at the result?

Chart review> lab tab


Explain the fastest way to graph patient's glucose results in results review.



With chart search, you can: (select one)
A. lookup patient's chart by name or birthday
B. summon information in a patient's chart that appears in one spot
C. filter on encounter on its encounters tab

B. Summon information in a patient's chart that appears in one spot


In Snapshot, a nurse sees five buttons at the top that are the names of reports. True or false: that means she has only those 5 reports available to her in Snapshot.



Dr. Mica wants to see whether the changes in diabetic medications over the past 2 years have an effect on Richard's A1C. levels. Which would best meet Dr. Mica's needs: results review, synopsis, or chart review?



True or false: In Results Review, you can create an ad hoc table of selected results.



Which of the following is/are possible in the Synopsis patient spotlight: (choose all that apply.)
A. It can list medication items
B. It can list components (like glucose)
C. One spotlight can be assigned to multiple patients
D. A spotlight created for a patient is available across all Synopsis views for that patient
E. A user creates a spotlight can share it with other users.

A, B, D


True or false: the default snapshot report can be different based on specialty departments.