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True or False: A pregnancy episode should be created at the beginning of each prenatal encounter.



You’re working in the dual-pane navigator during a routine prenatal visit. In the left pane, you don’t see the Results Console section (based on where your scroll bar is). What should you click to view the results console without opening that section?

In the table of contents for the left pane, click the arrow next to Results Console.


Define the term “working EDD.” Why is it significant?

The working EDD is considered the “official” EDD in the patient’s chart. A patient might have many different dating methods documented, but only one can be selected as the working EDD at any time.


Which of the following best describes the Pregnancy Checklist? A) Order management tool for tracking how often the patient takes certain medications B) Diagnosing tool to cross-reference the patient’s symptoms against pregnancy-related ICD-9 codes C) Tool to keep track of topics discussed during each prenatal visit

C - Tool to keep track of topics discussed during each prenatal visit


In the Results Console, what does it mean if you see a result value that is highlighted blue?

The result was entered manually by someone in the navigator. It did not come from Epic’s lab system or a lab interfaced with Epic.


True or False: Episode reports are available in Chart Review.



You are doing site support in OB. A nurse says, “Last week I wrote a reminder on a patient’s OB Sticky to follow up with her about a breastfeeding question, and now my sticky is gone!” What is a possible explanation?

There is no audit trail for the OB Sticky, so there is no way to know what other user deleted it because there is no audit trail.