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1. Dr. Lenite is working in a SmartSet and has selected a progress note. How does she open it?

1. Click the “edit” hyperlink.


2. In a SmartSet, Dr. Quartz sees a subsection called URI Antibiotics, but there are no items listed. How can he see those items?

2. Click the arrow next to that subsection.


3. A SmartSet for hypertension contains a progress note. What SmartTool was used to create the progress note?

3. SmartText


4. From an end-user standpoint, each SmartSet section contains at least one subsection. From an administrative standpoint, those subsections are actually _________________.

4. SmartGroups


5. Administrator Smith must build a radiology visit SmartSet that includes chest x-ray and arm x-ray orders. She also must build a pneumonia SmartSet that includes chest x-ray orders. Why is it a better strategy for administrator Smith to NOT put all those x-ray orders into one SmartGroup?

5. If she put them into one SmartGroup, it only would be useful as a building block in the radiology SmartSet. If she put each kind of x-ray orders into separate SmartGroups, she could reuse the chest x-ray SmartGroup in the pneumonia SmartSet.


6. True or False: In a BPA criteria record, you can only enter one type of criteria, like chief complaints or medications.

6. False


7. In which type of BPA record do I set up a suggestion based on the department specialty, so my SmartSet is suggested only for Pediatrics?

7. SmartSet Base record


8. A SmartSet is suggested when Dr. Mica enters a reason for visit of Pelvis Injury for Rita. However, when Dr. Mica enters that same reason for visit for Greg, that SmartSet is not suggested. Explain how that was set up.

8. The SmartSet is linked to a criteria record for chief complaint and a SmartSet Base that restricts the SmartSet to females.