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Nurse Memphis gets an In Basket message requesting that she call back Greg. What is one reason to open a telephone encounter via the In Basket toolbar instead of the Hyperspace toolbar?

One reason is that you don’t have to do a patient lookup.


True or False: Telephone encounters with a reason for call of Medication Refill are routed to the Rx Response folder of the recipient.

False (Rx Request)


A patient called this morning regarding a fever, then called again an hour later to say it was getting worse. Should I create a new telephone encounter? Why?

No, because you should include all calls pertaining to one issue in a single telephone encounter.


The receptionist sends a Patient Call Back message to a nurse. How can the nurse incorporate that message into the telephone encounter she creates?

When the nurse opens a telephone encounter from the In Basket toolbar, she should click Yes at the prompt to copy the message into the documentation.


True or False: You get Rx Response messages only when the physician refuses to sign for a prescription.



To route an Rx Request message to the Physician, you must exit the _____________.



Nurse Denver creates a telephone encounter for Kristi but needs to set it aside until later. What is the fastest way for her to find that encounter later?

My Open Encounters folder in In Basket


The patient’s home phone number doesn’t match the number on the button in the Contacts section of a telephone encounter. If I manually enter the phone number in the Contacts section, do I also need to manually update it in the Demographics activity? Explain.

No, because when you accept the contact, the system will ask if you want to save that number, and what it should be saved to (home, work, etc.)