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Activity analysis

focuses on a particular activity (ex: preparing dinner) and surveys/does focus groups to determine what problems consumers encounter while doing the activity


Product analysis

similar to activity analysis, examines the purchase or use of a particular product or brand


Problem analysis

starts with a problem and asks respondents to indicate which activities, products, or brands are associated with those problems


Human-factor research

attempts to determine human capabilities in areas such as vision, strength, response time, flexibility, fatigue and the effect on these capabilities on lighting, temperature, and sound


Emotion research

role of emotions in problem recognition and resolution


Two basic approaches to causing problem recognition=

generic and selective


Generic problem recognition

involves a discrepancy that a variety of brands within a product category can reduce


Selective problem recognition

discrepancy that only one brand can solve


Firm will attempt to influence generic problem recognition when the problem is latent or of low importance and one of the following conditions exist:

- Early in the product life cycle
- Firm has a high percentage of the market
- External search after problem recognition is apt to be limited
- Industrywide cooperative effort


Sometimes information in the marketplace can

trigger problem recognition that certain marketers would prefer to avoid