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Committed customer

emotional attachment to brand or firm, consumer loyal to a brand


Brand loyalty can arise through a # of processes, including:

- Brand identification
- Brand comfort
- Brand delight


More difficult to develop

brand-loyal consumers in some categories than for others



turnover in a firm’s customer base


Important step in developing marketing strategy is to specify objectives being pursued, possibilities include:

1. Attract new users to the product category
2. Capture competitors’ current customers
3. Encourage customers to use more
4. Encourage current customers to become repeat purchasers
5. Encourage current customers to become committed customers


Relationship marketing

attempt to develop an ongoing, expanding exchange relationship


Relationship marketing has five key elements:

1. Developing a core service or product around which to build a customer relationship
2. Customizing the relationship to the individual customer
3. Augmenting the core service or product with extra benefits
4. Pricing in a manner to encourage loyalty
5. Marketing to employees so that they will perform well for customers


Customer loyalty programs

lots of effort, helps consumers become loyal and rewards them for it


Important to distinguish between programs that

generate repeat customers and those that generate committed and loyal customers