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What are the two reasons Jesus gave us the Sacrament of the Eucharist?

So that we might have eternal life and that we might have an acceptable sacrifice to offer to God


What are the four ends of the Mass?

Adoration, Contrition, Thanksgiving, and Supplication or Petition


What is the most perfect prayer?

The Holy Mass


Does Jesus die again at every Mass?



Does Christ bring his sacrifice before us in a real way at Mass?



Is the victim offered at Mass the same victim offered on Calvary?



Explain what Adoration (one of the 4 ends of the mass) means.

Adoration is recognizing God and his divine attributes. It involves giving God praise, love and worship. We are dependent on God and he is all powerful.


Explain what Contrition (one of the 4 ends of the mass) means.

Contrition is sorrow for our sins and asking for forgiveness for our sins. At Mass we have the opportunity to express our sadness for sin. By participating in Mass we can ask Jesus to forgive our sins and mend our relationship with him.


Explain what Thanksgiving (one of the 4 ends of the mass) means.

Thanksgiving is recognizing the many gifts we have received and using them well. Thanksgiving is appreciating what we have and who gave it to use.


Explain what Supplication or Petition (one of the 4 ends of the mass) means.

Supplication or Petition is asking for something, either for ourselves or for others. At Mass we have the opportunity to ask God for grace. We also have the opportunity to pray for those listed in the prayers of the faithful.


What is the Holy Mass?

The sacrifice of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. This sacrifice is offered to God under the appearance of bread and wine and through the priest we remember, renew and re-present the Sacrifice of the Cross.


Why is the Mass offered to God?

To give him the supreme worship of adoration, to thank him for his blessings, to make up for our sins, and to pray for ourselves and others.