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What is the order of the parts of the Communion Rite?

Lord's Prayer, Rite of Peace, Breaking of the Bread, Agnus Dei, Communion of the Priest, Communion Antiphon, Communion of the People, Prayer After Communion, Blessing, Closing Hymn


What is the Rite of Peace?

We offer a sign of Christ's peace by shaking hands and saying peace be with you with the people around us.


What is the Prayer after Communion?

Prayed by the priest. Asks that our share in the Eucharist be fruitful.


What is the Communion of the Priest?

The Priest receives Communion.


What is the Lord's Prayer?

The Our Father. The prayer Jesus taught us.


What is the Agnus Dei?

The Lamb of God. Happens while the Priest is breaking the bread.


What is the Closing Hymn?

Song sung at the end of Mass as the priest leaves the altar.


What is the Communion of the People?

The people receive communion.


What is the Breaking of the Bread?

The priest breaks the Host over the paten and places a piece of the Host in the chalice of Jesus' blood.


What is the Blessing?

The priest prays a blessing over the people in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


What is the Communion Antiphon?

Said or sung after the priest takes communion.


After receiving Holy Communion, what must we do?

We must thank him through prayers for coming into us through Holy Communion.


Who originally said the words "Lord I am not worth to have you come under my roof..."

A Roman centurion who was asking Jesus to heal one of his servants.


When the Host is broken into pieces, is the Body of Jesus broken?

No, only the appearance of the bread is broken. The body of Jesus remains whole.