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Why did Jesus ask Peter if he loved him three times?

To give Peter a chance to make up for denying Jesus three times.


What did Jesus in the 40 days after his resurrection?

Jesus remained on earth and taught he apostles all they needed to know to continue his ministry. He appeared to them several times, in many different ways.


What are 3 of the 5 characteristics that we share with Jesus’ resurrected body when our bodies are resurrected?

Immortal, Lucid, Spiritual, Impassible, and Agile.


Do we celebrate Jesus' Resurrection only on Easter Sunday?

No, we celebrate Jesus' Resurrection EVERY Sunday at Mass.


What is the significance of Jesus' resurrection?

The Resurrection proves that Jesus is God and that all he taught and promised is true.


Why did Jesus want the apostles to wait to go out and minister to the people?

Because He was going to send them the Holy Spirit, which we celebrate every year with Pentecost.


What special position did Jesus give to Peter?

Peter became the first Pope


Who went to Jesus' tomb on Sunday? Why did the originally go?

Some of the women who traveled with Jesus went to the tomb to tend to the burial needs. When they arrived they found that his body wasn't there anymore.


What did the angel at the tomb tell the women?

The angel said that Jesus had risen from the dead and that they should go tell the apostles.