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What must we do in order to live according to the will of God?

We must believe the truths that he as revealed and obey his commandments.


What are the commandments of God?

The Ten Commandments, the moral laws God gave to Moses on Mount Sinai


What is the foundation of all our duties toward God and neighbor?

Charity. The greatest commandment is the love of God and the second is love of neighbor.


Why are we obliged to keep the commandments of God?

Because they sum up our basic duty toward God and our neighbor.


Does one who deliberately breaks a commandment of God in a serious matter sin gravely?



What are we required to do by the First Commandment?

To believe in God, to hope in him and to love him above all else.


What does the First Commandment forbid?

Heresy, apostasy, deliberate ignorance of God's truth, despair, superstition, idolatry.


How does the story of the rich young man teach us to avoid putting possessions above God?

This story showed that he was overly attached to his many possessions and therefore did not follow Jesus. This is an example of idolatry.


How did the Hebrews offer worship to God?

Through animal sacrifice.


What was the perfect sacrifice made to God?

The offering of Jesus on the Cross, which was the perfect act of worship.


How can we participate in Jesus' perfect act of worship due to God?

By participating in the Mass


What is prayer?

Lifting the mind and heart to God, in order to know him better, to adore him, to thank him, and to ask him for what we need.


What kinds of prayer are there?

Blessing and adoration, petition, intersession, thanksgiving, praise


What is mental prayer?

Mental prayer is that which is said with the mind and heart alone.


What is vocal prayer?

Prayer that is expressed by spoken words with participation in the mind and heart.


How should we pray?

Humbly, attentively, reverently.


Why is is necessary to pray?

In order to grow our faith in God and to be united with him in heaven.


How should we pray and what for?

We should give glory and thanks to God and ask what is necessary to obtain eternal life. We should ask for the forgiveness of our sins.


What is the most perfect prayer?

The Mass because in it Jesus offers himself to the Father for us.


Who are the saints?

Saints are those who showed heroic actions according to the teachings of Jesus Christ that have merited special glory in heaven and on earth.


Why should we pray to the saints in addition to God?

Because God wills to help us through the prayers of the saints who are very holy and close to God.


Why are the angels, saints and our Lady powerful intercessors with God?

Because they are his faithful servants and his beloved friends. Our Lady (Mary) is the most powerful intercessor of all because she is the mother of God.


What is the prayer that we use in a special way to ask for the intersession of our Lady (Mary)?

The Hail Mary


What does the Second Commandment require us to do?

Respect and show reverence to the Holy Name of God.


What does the Second Commandment forbid?

Dishonoring the name of God, Mary, the Saints, and holy objects


What is a oath?

Calling upon God as a witness for what is declared or promised.


Is blasphemy a serious sin?



What is a vow?

A promise made to God of something good that is pleasing to him.


What does the Third Commandment require us to do?

Honor God on Sundays and Holy Days by acts of public worship.


Why must we do acts of external worship?

Because we are required to show our love for God in our entire being, body and soul. We are required to set a good example to others.