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What does the word hosanna mean?

Save us


What is another name for the Eucharistic Prayer?

The Canon


What is the order of the Liturgy of the Eucharist?

1. Preparation of the Gifts, 2. Washing of the Hands, 3. Prayer over the Gifts, 4. Preface, 5. Sanctus, 6. Invocation of the Holy Spirit, 7. Consecration, 8. Offering to the Father, 9. Doxology


Explain the Preparation of the Gifts.

Where the priests accepts the bread and wine and puts them on the altar, offering them up to God.


Explain the Washing of the Hands.

The priest washes his hands, which symbolizes purity when handling the Eucharist.


Explain the Prayer over the Gifts.

The priest asks God to bless the gifts that will become the Eucharist.


Explain the Preface.

The beginning of the Eucharist prayer, which reminds us of the coming sacrifice depending on the liturgical season or feast day.


Explain the Sanctus.

An saying of joy in the salvation that is promised by God. "Holy, Holy, Holy"


Explain the Invocation of the Holy Spirit.

The priest asks that the Holy Spirit come upon the gifts and make them holy so they can become the Body and Blood of Christ.


Explain the Consecration.

When the priest says "This is my Body and This is my Blood" and the bread and wine become the Body and Blood of Christ.


Explain the Offering to the Father.

The priest and the people of the Church offer Christ's Body and Blood up to the Father.


Explain the Doxology.

The priest lifts the chalice and the paten with the blood and the body and glorifies God.


When do the bread and wine become the Body and Blood of Jesus?

At the moment of the Consecration.


After the Consecration is there anything left of the bread and wine?

The bread and wine is no longer present but the appearance of bread and wine remains.