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The ottoman armies conquered

Mamluk Egypt


Enslaved Christian prisoners of the ottoman often converted to Islam. The males who converted were often

Enlist into the Ottoman military


In the middle of the 17th century, the ottoman government had to stop providing land grants in return for military service. This system

Was replaced with tax farming


The ottoman government did not react quickly to the changes in trade and taxes in its empire. One example of this problem was

The use of capitulations to benefit European merchants over Ottoman merchants in places like Mocha coffee markets


Under the Safavid founder, Ismail, Iran became



Which of the following is true of the Safavid Empire?

It's manufacturing sector was neither large nor overly productive


One major weakness of the Sadavid Empire was that it

Never developed a naval force


Mughal India was

A land of Hindus ruled by a Muslim minority


Under the Mughal ruler, Akbar

The economy, base on cotton cloth, thrived


Which of the following represents a major change that Tsar Peter 1 brought to Russia

Western Europes customs


European explorers failed to extend Christianity into the region around the Indian Ocean, one reason for the failure was that

Europeans did not welcome converts as full members of their communities.


The Bantu language of the East African parts of Kilwa, Mombasa, and Malindi

Absorbed Arabic, Persian, and Portuguese loan lords and developed into Swahili


Over time, the economics Gaines made by European trading companies changed the balanced of power in the Indian ocean

But local traders never disappeared from the scene


One of the major reasons for the early success of the ottoman armies was

Their use of gunpowder