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Byzantine achievements in art and architecture include

The Hagias Sophia cathedral


Why was the moldboard plow an essential element in the production of an agricultural surplus in Western Europe in the eighth century CE

All of the above (it made it possible to aerate the soil and break-up networks of weeds | it made it possible to farm lands that had previously been unsuited for agriculture due to rocks and heavy soil | when used with heavy draft animals, it had enough energy to pull through moist northern soils)


All of the following are characteristics of Islam EXCEPT

A tradition of passing down the central teachings of their faith orally


The Mamluks were

Turkish mercenaries and slaves in the Abbasid Caliphate who rose to control powerful Muslim states


Why was this period in Europe between 500 C.E. and 1300 C.E. called the "Middle Ages"?

It came between the Greco-Roman civilization and the Renaissance


As Western Europe began to experience a revival on the period from 1000 to 1200 CE

The Byzantine Empire and Russia did not share the same revival


The Orthodox Church and the Latin Church

formally split over doctrinal disputes in the 11th century but still united to fight together in the crusades


Manor life

Created a localized, basic, and self-sufficient agricultural economy that kept serfs protected


Kievan Russia

Based its economic wealth on trade and traded extensively with the Byzantine Empire


The sunni/Shi'ite split resulted from a disagreement

Who should succeed Muhammad


The word Islam means submission and refers to Muslim's obligation

To submit to the will of God in all of life


The investiture controversy of the Middle Ages was

A disagreement between the Pope and secular rulers over the appointment of bishops


What effect did the technology of water ills have on Western Europe life?

It freed human and animal labor for other work


What effect did the Cyrillic alphabet have on Orthodox Christianity?

Simulated conversion to orthodox Christianity and promoted literacy among Slavs


The vassal relationship

Required a knight to swear allegiance to a lord or king in return for money or fief


Which of the following individuals is credited with establishing a standard for monastic life?

St. Benedict of Nursia


A hereditary slave society never developed in the Islamic world because

Slaves usually converting to Islam, Austin causing their masters to free them, and then offspring of slave woman and Muslim men were free


In what order did these three monotheistic religions coming to being?

Judaism, Christianity, Islam


Kievan Russia became firmly oriented toward the Byzantine world and turned away from the Muslim world at once

Vladimir 1 converted to orthodox Christianity


Well the Byzantine Empire flourished directly after the fall of Rome,

The Western Europeans lived amidst the ruins of a empire


The successful invasion of England was accomplished by

William the Conqueror


Which one of the following was not a common result of the bubonic plague?

A temporary decrease in workers' wages


Economics in Western Europe changed in later medieval period by

Allowing for more social mobility because of the end of serfdom and the rise of more urban job opportunities


The universal language of Muslim empire was

Arabic, because it was the language of the Quran


Adherence to the five pillars of Islam is the foundation of Muslim faith. Which one was the first and most important one upon which of the others are based?

Acknowledgement of Allah as the only deity and Muhammad as his prophet


Which of the following is an accurate description of surfs and feudal Europe?

Semi free individuals who owed obligations to the lord whose land they cultivated


The most important relationship in feudalism was between

Lord and vassal


Which of the following was true of the medieval realm?

In many respects, the Lord of the Manor had more direct control than a king did


Between 1100 and 1350 CE, Europe's population more than doubled. Historians believe that this increase may have due to

A revival in the economy of Europe


In response to the increase in population, some farmers in Europe

Try new methods of increasing yields like the three field system


Cities were important in Islam for all of the following reasons except

They were the only places where women could travel freely


By the early 700s, Islamic empire stretched from

Spain to India


What's the best defines the Mongols political relationship to Russia?

Russian princes were persuaded to cooperate with Mongols khans and there by maintained some local authority


The majority of urban growth in Europe from 1200 to 1500 was due to

The growth in trade and manufacturing


In most towns and cities, merchants, and skilled craftsmen regulated business practices, membership, and training, and promoted interests of their members in city government through



The spread of the humanist movement benefited from

The development of the printing press


In medina, Muhammad can his followers formed a community of believers in Islam and in Muhammad as the "messenger of God". The community was called the



Between 636 and 639CE, the Muslims wretched both Syria and Egypt from

The Byzantine empire


The Byzantine (Justinian code) was important to later civilizations because it

Become the basis for civil law in the West


What effect did monasteries have on the expansion of agricultural production in early modern Europe?

They contributed to the expansion of agricultural production because they organized much of the labor needed to clear forests, drain swamps, and prepare lands of cultivation


The Byzantine rulers set prices, controlled grain shipments to the cities, and monopolized trade in luxury goods. This government interventions

May have slowed technological development and economic innovation