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The Sunni/shi'ites split resulted from a disagreement over

Who should succeed Muhammad


The word Islam means submission and refers to muslim's obligation

To submit to the will of God in all life


Between 636 and 639 CE, the Muslims wretched both Syria and Egypt from?

The Byzantine empire


The mamluks were

Turkic mercenaries and slaves in the Abbasid Caliphate who rose to control powerful Muslim states


the silk road flourished under mongol rule because

the mongols controlled all parts of the silk road, which allowed for a relatively easy exchange


the group in control of jerusalem at the time of the crusades

seljuk turks


by the early 700s, the islamic empire stretched from

spain to india


one of the major problems the Abbasid caliphs faced

frontier revolts that they were slow to reach


one of the benefits of the size of the mongol empire was that

it promoted the movement of poeple, ideas, and goods


what is nit a characteristic of islam

a tradition of passing down the central teachings of their faith orally


cities were important in islam for all of the following reasons EXCEPT

they were the only places women could travel freely


the Arabic Peninsula is characterized by

coastal cities and agricultural villages close to sources of water and a large empty quarter in the central areas


the universal language of the muslim empire was

Arabic, because it was the language of the Quran


The muslims who supported the first 3 caliphs came to be called the "people of tradition and community" or



which of the following is true of the Umayyad Caliphate?

They ruled over an ethnically defined Arab realm more than an Islamic empire


the mongols

spread the bubonic plague through the overland trade routes into Europe


Adherence to the five pillars of Islam is the foundation of Muslim faith. Which one was the first and most important one upon which all the other ones are based

Acknowledgment of Allah as the only deity and Muhammad as his prophet


a hereditary slave society never developed in the Islamic world because

Slaves usually converted to Islam, often causing their masters to free them, and then offspring of slave women and Muslim men were free


in what order did these 3 monotheistic religions come into being?

judasim, christianity, Islam


what did the mongols do when they encountered other religions?

they encouraged tolerance and occasionally converted


In medin, Muhammad can his followers formed a community of believers in Islam and in Muhammad as the "messenger of God". The community was called?