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The byzantine rulers set prices, controlled grain shipments to the cities, and monopolized trade in luxury goods. This government intervention did what?

May have slowed technological development and economic invention


Byzantine achievements in art and architecture include

Hagia Sophia cathedral


The battle fought at tours

Ensured that the Muslims wouldn't encroach farther into Europe


Sicily, which was controlled by the Muslims was conquered by?

Normans who attacked for 3 decades


As the Muslims extended their control across north Africa and the Middle East, Western Europe

Came to rely on meager local resources


The manor was?

Self-sufficient farming estates and the primary center of agricultural production


Which of the following was true of the medieval realm?

In many respects, the lord of the manor had more direct control than a king


But the 10th century, the office of the pope had

Became more powerful and was at last freed from control of the Roman nobles


1 major controversy in the church concerned the question of who should appoint bishops and abbots. This conflict was known as?

Investiture controversy


The Rus city of Kiev developed as!

Trade center on the Dnieper River


Kievan Russia became firmly oriented toward the Byzantine world and turned away form the Muslim world once...

Vladimir 1 converted to Christianity


As western Europe began to experience a revival in the period from 1000-1200

Byzantine empire and Russia didn't share the same revival


As the two different centers of Christianity developed differing theologically viewpoints

Rome wrote religious books in Latin while the Byzantines wrote them in Greek


While the Byzantine empire flourished after the fall of Rome

Western Europeans lived amidst the ruins of the empire