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The establishment of plantation agriculture in the Americas was based on the belief that these plantations would

He completely self-sufficient and develop products in an efficient matter


Particularly in the West Indies, the power resided

In the hands of the plantocracy on each island


One reason for the high volume of slaves transported from Africa to the New World was that

Slaves were inexpensive, even small farmers owned slaves


The practice of accumulating capital in your own state and limiting trade with other nations is



Many African tribes did not initially fight the Europeans over capturing slaves because

African rulers and merchants exported slaves to obtain foreign goods


The majority of the slaves in the Islamic world were

Soldiers or house servants


In the 17th century

The demand for profits drive new Europeans investments in long-distance trade and colonial ventures


Unlike European slave trading, Islamic slave trading

took more women and children from Africa then men


In the English colonies, slavery became more common as

The use of indentured servants became more costly


Which of the following describes an effect of the African slave trade on West Africa?

Textiles and metal goods simulated commerce


A main impetus for the introduction of African slavery in the Americas was the

Introduction of cash crops such as sugar cane.