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Unlike the Roman Catholic Church and Martin Luther, John Calvin

Taught that salvation was predestined


Contemporaneous with the Scientific Revolution was the movement known as the Enlightenment. This movement

Taught that human reason could discover the laws that governed social behavior


The French class known as the bourgeoisie is best described as

City dwellers who owned their own businesses


The Protestant Reformation is said to have begun with

Martin Luther's rejection of papal authority


The Dutch government's method of funding businesses for overseas exploration was grant companies monopolies over trade in an area. The companies then sold shares to spread risk. This practice is known as?

Using joint-stock exchange


One impact of the growth of manufacturing in urban areas between 1500-1750 was that

Shortages of staple food became acute


Unlike other parts of the world, young men and women in early modern Europe

Often chose their own spouses


For the most part, early modern Europe was made up of

City-states, principalities, and loose federations of states


The English civil war

Was caused by Charles 1 ignoring limits on his powers and the rights of parliament


Which of the following would be a good example of both a theme park for royal absolutism and Baroque architecture?

The palace of Louis XlV at Versailles


As the cost of warfare, in both human and financial terms, increased the early 18th century, European states



Buy the 17th century, Spain, which had been the most powerful European state in the 16th century



Which of the following is true of the period from 1500-1750?

Although there was broad economic growth in Europe, life for peasants and laborers isn't improve much