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Just what sort of commerce congress could regulate between the states was not spelled out in the constitution because...

No consensus existed.


Applying the principles of Thomas Jefferson to current political issues would probably dispose one to...

Favor the decentralization of government power.


The civil war settles one part of the issue of national supremacy v states rights, namely, that...

The national government derives is sovereignty from the people.


Initially, it was supposed that...

The federal government could regulate interstate commerce.


The Supreme Court's ruling in McCullouch v. Maryland, chow justice john Marshall established the implied powers doctrine which stated...

The courts should interpret the necessary and proper clause broadly.


The interstate commerce that federal government can regulate now is interpreted to include...

Commerce between states and a handful of transactions within states.


The case Dred Scott v. Sanford was a victory for state power because...

It said congress had no authority to prohibit slavery in the territories.


President Franklin D. Roosevelt attempted to increase the size of the Supreme Court in order to...

Appoint additional justices who would support his new deal programs.


A period of Devolution occurred in the mid-1990's and as a result

Welfare was turned over to the states in the form of block grants.


Legislation such as "no child left behind", the Medicare overhaul of 2003, and the so-called Obamacare of 2009

Increase the power of the federal government.


The first form of grant-in-aid to the states made by the federal government to the state governments was that of...

Land grants.


The term intergovernmental lobby is used in the text to refer to lobbying activities by

State and local officials at the national government.


According to the text, block grants have enjoyed only marginal success, in part because...

The federal government steadily increased the number of strings attacked to such grants.


To qualify for certain federal highway funds, states must allow drivers to make a legal right hand turn after stopping at a red light. This requirement by the federal government is known as a...

Condition of aid.


The text suggests that we might expect to find more mandates in policy areas where the government...

Spends more.


The devolution initiatives of the republicans were not new, but acquired new vitality because the effort was begin led by...



One clear impact of devolution is...

A reduction in federal spending.