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What were the Indians taught at the missions by the priests?


1 christiany 

2 spanish ways life

3 new skills

4 carpentray and metalworking 



How was life different for the Indians after the Spanish arrived?

they were hunters and gathers now they are farmers



1What is an economy?

2How did the California economy change?

1 an economy is the way people in a place or region use resources to meet their needs

2 Becausethe farming grew and grew


1 How did the cultural way of life change for the Indians?

2What are neophytes?


1 They became new to cathloic faith and they were not allowed to practice their traditional beliefs

2 people new to cathloic faith 



1 What two things did mission life for the California Indians mostly consist of?

2 How did they use bells?

3.  What type of work did Indians do?

1 work and prayer

2 the bell rings the first time time for prayer and the second time for work and then the third time for the end of work

3 plowed planted fields dug ditches harvested crops



    1 What does revolted mean?

2 Who revolted?



1 fought

2 some indians


What happened during the revolt in the 1770's?

indiamns burnt down mission san diego and luso obispo


1Who were Nicolas Jse and Toypurina? 

2What did they do?

1 jose was a neophteye and toypurina was a gabrileno indian

2  hey were going to revolt against mission san gabriel and the plan was found out and they were jailed


1What is a custom?

2What happened to Indian customs because of the missionaries?

1  a usual way of doing something2  they were not allowed to wear their customed clothes or celebrate their belifs


1What was one of the most serios threat to the Indians?

2 What did this threat do to the Indians?

1 the dieases the spanish brouht

2 it killed them


When Indians lived in missions their lives were different, How were their lives different?

they gave up their customs and belifs

they were taught who jesus and God were.

They were farmers not gathers and hunters