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Why is it important to anticipate disasters?

Careful risk assessments make all the difference between a well prepared, well executed response and they confused, in adequate, or incorrect one.


Tamika operates a daycare center in a mixed use building and is planning to install security so only authorized people can enter the daycare. What common risk is she dressing?

A. People

B. Building

C. Operational

D. Terrorism

A.. People


What are some of the risk assessment methods available?

Risk matrices
Preliminary hazard assessment
Hazard operability study and failure mode and affects analysis
Fault tree analysis
Management oversight and risk tree analysis
Vulnerability assessments


Well forming a risk assessment team, include participants from functional areas such as:

A. Elected officials, business owners, and faith-based community members.

B. Local community members, elected officials, in the media

C. Upper management, security, and legal.

D. Unions, business owners, in the EPA

C. Upper management, security, and legal.


All of the following are common building related risks that should be assessed by owners and managers capital eXCEpT:

A. Lead-based paint.

B. Indoor air quality.

C. Mold/fungal spores.

D. Non-potabale irrigation

D. Non-potible irrigation


What is the function of risk assessments?

The main function of risk assessment is to provide facility owners and managers with factual information and analysis so they informed decisions can be made regarding how to treat specific risks and how to select among risk management options.


Define ERM.

ERM stands for Enterprise Risk Management.

Enterprise risk management is a holistic approach that evaluates risk from an organization wide perspective. A coordinated, business wide or property wide approach to risk management, such as ERM, makes more sense from the standpoint of efficiency and safety.


How can managers underscore the importance of risk assessment?

Managers can sensitize people about the need to perform risk assessment and then exhibit leadership to ensure that it gets done.


A semi truck overturned on your Olivia’s office building. This would be considered a:

A. Sociological hazard.

B. Technological hazard.

C. Man-made hazard.

D. Natural hazard

C. Man-made hazard.


What are different types of natural disasters?

Extreme heat
Winter weather


Any local apartment complex, a traffic accident has led to a hazardous material spill, making it important for all tenants to evacuate the building immediately. Jerome’s role as the building manager is to:

A. Find the highest level business manager and follow his or her lead.

B. Call the owner for direction on what to do.

C. Leave the building immediately and wait at the gathering point.

D. Take a leadership role in communicating the plan

D. Take a leadership role in communicating the plan


Wayne has been appointed chief risk officer (CRO). In executing his new role, he will be responsible for coordinating the risk management of the entire property, including the office, warehouse, and shipping areas. What term correctly identifies his role?

A. Silo approach

B enterprise risk management

C. Disaster preparedness management

D. Departmental oversight

B. Enterprise risk management


What external resources can be used to help an organization assess risk from natural disasters?

Community emergency management office
Mayor or community administrators office
Local emergency planning committee
Local BOMA chapter
Fire and police departments
Emergency medical services organizations
American Red Cross
National Weather Service
Public works department
Planning commission
Telephone companies
Electric utility companies
Neighboring businesses


Describe why buildings can present a risk.

Buildings can present risks due to the type of construction materials used or the age of the building.

Lead-based paint
Mold/fungal spores
Code and regulatory compliance
Fire and Smoke
Inherent building/facility hazards


A company’s headquarters are on the fourth floor of a building that has four restaurants on the first floor. They frequently have to evacuate the building due to restaurant fires. As a manager, what type of risk would you consider this to be?

A. Terrorism related

B. People related

C. Operational related

D. Criminal related

C. Operational related


Trident Manufacturing has decided to establish a risk assessment team. At the initial meeting, members of the local fire and police departments, as well as department managers, will begin to evaluate the organizations risk. Which benefit of forming a diverse rest assessment team does this demonstrate?

A. Increases the amount of time and energy participants are able to give

B. Enhances the visibility and stature of the planning process

C. Support the overall organizational risk assessment as a corporate effort

D. Encourages participation and gets more people invested in the process

D. Encourages participation and gets more people invested in the process


Due to the economy, Kim was forced to lay off half of her maintenance staff at the seemingly productive warehouse. Later that week, it was reported that the windows in the lobby were shot out. What type of risk is this considered?

A. Criminal related

B. Building related

C. People related

D. Operational related

A.. Criminal related


Which functional areas of an organization should be included when assembling a risk assessment team?

Upper management
Line management
Tenant representatives
Human resources
Engineering and maintenance
Safety health and environmental affairs
Public information officer
Community relations
Sales and marketing
Finance in purchasing


All of the following are examples of external sources for informing a risk assessment team, capital EXCEPT:

A. United Way.

B. Fire and police departments.

C. American Red Cross.

D. National Weather Service

A. United Way


Provide examples of operational related risks.

Medical offices can use toxic materials and generate biological and chemical hazardous waste, and dry cleaners may bring a variety of toxic chemicals with their operations. Tenants who provide food related services can create orders and fire hazard, and laboratories may generate chemical waste and have special ventilation needs


Larry leads the risk assessment team for his company and has been working on a risk assessment for the past year. This is very important because:

A. Risk assessments look impressive in the annual report.

B. And assessment can lead to a well-prepared, well executed response.

C. Risk assessments can help the bottom line.

D. And assessment can lead to overwhelming and catastrophic results

B. And assessment can lead to a well-prepared, well executed response


At the conclusion of the risk assessment process, Crystal used her findings to identify her facilities risk factors, create an action plan to address the response to these hazards, and assign resources to carry out her plan. What part of the risk assessment process did Crystal fail to do?

A. Communicate the findings and plan to those directly and indirectly affected

B. File appropriate documentation with her facilities owners and managers

C. Seek legal counsel for liability issues

D. Obtain appropriate insurance to cover the assumed risks

A.. Communicate the findings and plan to those directly and indirectly affected


When developing a risk assessment team, why is it important to involve a group of people with different perspectives on risk issues?

Encourages participation and gets more people invested in the process

Increases the amount of time and energy participants are able to give

Enhances the visibility and structure of the planning process

Supports the overall organizational risk assessment as a corporate effort


What are different types of man-made disasters?

Traffic incidents
Dam failures
Hazardous material spill’s
Nuclear power plant emergencies


Why is affective communication important at the conclusion of the risk assessment process?

The communication will inform those affected, directly and indirectly, about the risk assessment process/findings, the actions being taken to plan for hazardous eventualities, and each person’s stake in the process


How can people be considered a risk?

Employees, tenants, customers, outside contractors/vendors, visitors, family members, and even trespassers present risks by doing things


What are some of the criminal related risks?

Bomb scares
Active shooters
Kidnappings and Hijackings
Cyber attacks
Nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons


One of the main functions of a manager in leading in the organization through the risk assessment process is:

A. To assemble the risk assessment team.

B. To survey various stakeholders and line employees.

C. To investigate, understand, and document potential risks to property/facilities.

D. To me to get all risks and report them to the EPA within the specified timeframe

C. Do you investigate, understand, and document potential risks to property/facilities


Define risk identification.

Risk identification is the process of finding, recognizing, and describing potential risks.


Ed gathers his risk assessment team to share in a free flow of ideas to identify a range of potential consequences and the impact of these risks to the organization. In addition, they will generate ideas that will identify strategies for recovery. Which to risk assessment methods has Ed employed ?

A.. Preliminary hazard assessment (PHA) and fault tree analysis (FTA)

B. Brainstorming and vulnerability assessment

C. Checklists and management oversight and risk three (MORT) analysis

D. Risk matrices in hazard operability (HAZOP) study

B. Brainstorming and vulnerability assessments