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The effectiveness of ventilation and the ability to delete and remove air contaminants is referred to as:

A. Indoor air quality.
B. Indoor environmental quality.
C. Quality management control
D. Multiple quality sensitivity

A.. Indoor air quality


According to the EPA, which of the following approaches is considered to be the MOST Effective to decrease indoor air pollution?

A. source control
B. Ventilation
C. Air cleaning
D. Humidity control

A. Source control


What is multiple chemical sensitivity?

Also referred to as chemical hypersensitivity or environmental illness

A condition in which a person experiences sensitivity or intolerance (distinct from an allergic reaction) to a number of chemicals and other irritants, even at very low concentrations.


Proper control of indoor air and environmental quality or dependent upon which of the following systems?

A. water quality control
C. Climate control
D. Plumbing



All of the following are methods to control mold issues except:

A increase ventilation.
B. Maintain HVAC systems
C. Quickly fix leaks.
D. Use cleaners contingent fungicides

D. Use cleaners containing fungicides


Which of the following characteristics is indicative of sick building syndrome (SPS)?

A.. Diagnosable illnesses
B. Symptoms present on or off site
C. Affects individuals, not groups
D. Non-specific complaints

D. Non-specific complaints


All of the following are benefits of source control EXCEPT:

A. Help contain ventilation costs
B. Increase in Outdoor air flow
C. Reduces indoor air quality complaints.
D. Reduces injurious conditions

B. Increase in outdoor air flow.


Which of the following prevent mold and mildew growth and deters moisture buildup?

A. space heaters and setback thermostats
B. Low flow faucets and air conditioning
C. Forced air heating systems and ceiling fans
D. Fluorescent lighting and sump pumps

C. Forced air heating systems and ceiling fans


A new high-efficiency office building is being constructed. The building is tightly sealed, so Gordon, the engineer, is concerned about indoor air quality. Which of the following are essential in preventing the buildup of carbon dioxide?

A. Air circulation and proper ventilation
B. Pressure differential and contaminant movement
C. Temperature range in proper furnishings
D. Moisture control and building location

A.. Air circulation and proper ventilation


What are the components of a contaminant control system?

Capturing contaminant close to the source and exhausting outdoors

Maintaining the treatment area under negative pressure

Enclosing the area


Bill and Angela are both teachers in the school where a new flat roof is being coded. Along with their students, over the past three weeks they have experienced headaches, difficulty concentrating, and fatigue. The EPA classifies these reactions as:

A. air-quality intolerance
B. Environmental quality sensitivity.
C. Indoor air quality susceptibility.
D. Multiple chemical sensitivity

D. Multiple chemical sensitivity


Define IAQ.

Indoor air quality refers specifically to the interaction of contaminants sources in the effectiveness of ventilation utilized to download and remove air contaminants.


All of the factors that influence as we live and work in buildings are referred to as:

A. indoor air quality
B. indoor environmental quality
C. quality management control
D. Multiple quality sensitivity

B. Indoor environmental quality


Describe some of the relationships between HVAC maintenance and IAQ/IEQ issues.

Standing water will accumulate if the drain pan is not properly designed and maintained, creating a microbial habitat. Proper sloping and frequent cleaning of the drain pans is essential to good indoor air quality.

On humidification and dehumidification equipment what services should be properly drained and periodically treated to prevent microbial growth. Duct lining should not be allowed to become moist from water spray

Clean surfaces on outdoor air damper‘s to remove dust buildup

Use air filters to remove particles from the airstream

Air Plenum’s need to be kept clean and nothing should be exhausted into the air Plenum

Keep sources of air pollution away from fresh air intakes


A lawsuit has been brought Against D&B shipping Inc. after a number of employees have been diagnosed with lung cancer in the past five years. Investigators trace the illness too specific contaminants in the building. Which term best describes the situation?

A. Sick building syndrome
B. Multiple chemical sensitivity
C. Building related illness
D. Environmental hypersensitivity

C. Building related illness


How can managers control mold in a building?

Fix leaks quickly

Watch for condensation, water spots, standing water

Reduce the humidity in the air (less than 60%)

Increase ventilation

Maintain HVAC systems


Employee discomfort with the building temperature is leading to complaints. Sheila believes the windows are drafty in Howard is always cold. The managerial team has found the best solution to this problem to be:

A. issue portable heaters to each employee
B. Apply additional caulk to the window frames
C. Relocate the employees workstations approximately 5 feet from the windows.
D. Allow all employees access to the thermostat.

C. Relocate the employees workstations approximately 5 feet from the windows.


What are some sustainable practices that can improve environmental quality?

Improved use of natural light

Building orientation to maximize use of sunlight and natural win improved use of natural light

Building orientation to maximize use of sunlight and natural winds

Selection of VOC and formaldehyde-free building materials and furnishings

Greater and more strategic use of live plants indoors, and accessibility to nature and outdoors

Full building air flushing before occupancy to ensure the systems are clean

Building automation systems that manage the balance of indoor and outdoor air

Employing less toxic indoor and outdoor pest control procedures

Use of fewer and less toxic landscaping chemicals and fertilizer


Why is good airflow beneficial?

Good airflow deters moisture buildup on surfaces, so buildings with forced air heating systems and/or room ceiling fans tend to have your mold and mildew problems the new buildings with less air movement, other factors being equal.


How can carbon dioxide buildup be prevented?

Air circulation and proper ventilation are essential for preventing the buildup of carbon dioxide in a building. Evaluating airflow is one of the tools you can use to prevent or investigate occupant complaints.


What is IEQ?

Indoor environmental quality.

It can be thought of as all the factors that influence us as we live or work in buildings. IEQ Inc. lighting, temperature, ventilation, noise, vibration, pollutants, toxins, smells, and humidity.


A hospital is installing an atrium in the lobby with benches and a water feature for their staff and visitors to enjoy. What sustainable practice was employed to improve indoor air and environmental quality?

A. use of Less toxic landscaping chemicals
B. Strategic use of live plants indoors and assessability to nature
C. Selection of formaldehyde free building materials
D. For building ear flushing before use

B. Strategic use of live plants indoors and accessibility to nature


Describe indications of sick building syndrome.

SBS involves a spectrum of specific and nonspecific complaints. In addition to the mentioned signs and symptoms, typical complains site and inability to concentrate and general malaise.


Explain one common method of resolving indoor environmental complaints.

80 to 85% of complaints related to the indoor environment maybe resolved simply by adjusting the temperature within a space.


Describe three common approach is too controlling for reducing indoor air pollution.

Source control – eliminate or control of the sources of pollution

Ventilation – dilute and exhaust pollutants through outdoor air ventilation

Air cleaning-Remove pollutants through proven air cleaning methods


8 to 85% of IEQ complaints can be illuminated by doing this.

A. closing the blinds
B. Vacuuming once a week
C. Piping in white noise
D. Adjusting the temperature

D. Adjusting the temperature


What is source control, and what are the benefits?

The careful selection of building materials for the least possible in missions of irritating or harmful compounds.

Source control not only helps to avert IAQ complaints and/or injuries conditions, but also helps to contain ventilation costs, which could run high if contaminant dilution becomes necessary.


What would lead a building manager to a diagnosis of BRI?

Building related illness

With BRI, building occupants experience specific symptoms of diagnosable illnesses, and these can be traced to specific contaminants in the building. Legionnaires disease, asbestosis/mesothelioma, and hypersensitivity pneumonitis are all examples of BRI


The components of a contaminant control system:

A. Are meant to be used in concert with one another.
B. Maybe used as substitutes for one another.
C. Are individual components that may be applied as the situation warrants.
D. Must be used equally to prevent poor results

A. I meant to be used in concert with one another.