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Asbestos materials that, when dry, can be reduced to powder by hand pressure are the most dangerous and heavily regulated. The EPA classifies them using which term?

A. amalgamate
B. Friable
C. Indurate
D. Pliable

B. Friable


Describe the process of asbestos communications.

OSHA requires building owners to presume that servicing materials and thermal materials contain asbestos if they were installed prior to 1981. Once ACM is no longer present but confirmed, OSHA requires building owners to communicate the presence, quantity, and locations of these materials to their tenants, their employees, and outside contractors who may work around or near them. ACM located in routine maintenance areas must be labeled as well


In order to sustainably manage this Bestos and lead during the renovation project, one of Karie’s main concerns is to protect those who might would you come into contact with the materials. What other concern should carry consider to manage these contaminants sustainably?

A. The disposal of the contaminant
B. The size area of the contaminant
C. The age of the contaminated material
D. The location of the contaminant

A.. The disposal of the contaminant


Asbestos products manufactured prior to 1981 have the highest likelihood of being friable when they fall into what two categories?

A. thermal system installation and tile products
B. Drywall products and servicing material
C. Servicing material and thermal system installation
D. Surfacing material and tile products

C. Surfacing material and thermal insulation insulation


Why should asbestos be measured in the air and water?

For establishing background measurements, to a certain worker exposures, and for abatement monitoring


Which topics should be covered in OSHA asbestos containing material training?

Health affects of asbestos

Locations of known and PACM in the building/facility

Recognition of ACM in PACM damage and restoration

Requirements in the OSHA standard relating to housekeeping

Proper response to asbestos fibers release episodes


What benefit does working with a third-party asbestos consultant or hygienist bring to managers?

A. they offer unbiased monitoring and inspections of work performed
B. They carry professional liability insurance
C. They hold more certifications then asbestos abatement contractors
D. They are not subject to local asbestos regulations, and only federal regulations

A. They offer unbiased monitoring and inspections of work performed


Explain the benefit of hiring third-party consultant/hygienists during an asbestos abatement project

The consultant/hygienist can determine the scope of work, appropriate work methods, and the qualifications necessary for those coming into contact with and disturbing asbestos. This person can perform all necessary air monitoring before, during, and after the asbestos project to ensure that you’re born fibers are not released outside the enclosed work areas, as well as to perform clearance testing that is necessary in the affected areas prior to reactivation. Finally, the consultant/hygienist will ensure that everyone complies with all laws during the asbestos removal projects.


What is one method to decrease risk from lead based paint?

A. scrape off lead-based paint and prime the surface
B. Cover lead based paint with Number and Page
C. Sand lead based paint materials
D. Burn lead paint off surfaces

B. Cover lead based paint with non-lead paint


Which type of exposure to lead can cause severe damage to the central nervous system?

A. Short-term
B. Cyclical
C. Long-term
D. Close range

C. Long-term


How can one decrease the risk from lead based paint?

Cover lead based paint with non-lead based paint


What are for general tasks that a manager is responsible for following in an asbestos removal project?

Analyze the environment – is there asbestos there?

Seek contractor Support

Evaluate – review the credentials of the people who will be doing the work before they approve for building

Act upon the results


Which of the following best defines asbestos containing materials (ACM)?

A. Asbestos products manufactured using friable forms of asbestos
B. Products with a high tensile strength containing non-friable asbestos
C. Products containing asbestos fibers that can withstand friction
D. Products containing more than 1% asbestos

D. Products containing more than 1% asbestos


Explain the difference between short-term and long-term exposure to lead.

Short term-exposure can be as short as days and can result in acute encephalopathy, a condition affecting the brain, which develops quickly into seizures, a coma, and death from cardio respiratory arrest. Highly unusual.

Long term(chronic) exposure-can result in severe damage to the central nervous system, particularly the brain. It can also damage the blood, urinary, and reproductive systems. Painters who routinely sand lead painted surfaces may experience long term exposure by breathing the dust or ingesting lead when they eat in work areas.


All of the following Are reasons asbestos is measured in the air and water EXCEPT:

A. Compliance with the clean water act.
B. Evaluate exposure of livestock.
C. To acertain exposure to workers.
D. Abatement monitoring

B. Evaluate exposure of livestock


What are the three categories of asbestos?

Those used in surfacing

Those used in thermal systems

Other types for misc purposes-floor tiles, ceiling tiles, cement boards, piping, drywall, caulking, and window glazing


What are the characteristics of friable asbestos?

Friable asbestos materials are ones that when dry, can be crumbled, pulverized, reduced to powder by hand pressure.


What are the two basic concerns with regard to sustainability practices in the area of asbestos and lead?

Prevention of exposure to contaminants and the protection of those involved in their abatement.

The disposal of the contaminants.


A bridge that was constructed in 1926 can longer accommodate the volume of local traffic, and a port authority crew is working on a renovation project to expand it to accommodate more traffic lanes. What common use of word is likely to be present on the bridge?

A. zinc coating
B. Plumbing pipes
C. Tetraethyl lead
D. Lead based paint

D. Lead based paint


Of the major health effects associated with asbestos exposure, which is non-cancerous?

A. lung cancer
B. Asbestosis
C. Mesothelioma
D. Laryngitis

B. Asbestosis


What are the requirements to ensure the individuals are working safely with lead?

Proper training
Exposure monitoring
medical surveillance
adherence to special work practice


Doug was just hired as a systems maintenance technician any nuclear energy plant and will be working near asbestos containing materials. What ocean mandated training will Doug receive?

A. regulatory compliance training
B. One time certification in the safe handling of asbestos
C. Emergency preparedness training
D. Annual awareness training in the hazards of asbestos

D. Annual awareness training on the hazards of asbestos


In order to protect his worker safety when working with wood pipes doing a renovation project, Bud requires his plumbers to go to training courses for the proper handling of lead products, monitors their exposure, and provides them with personal protection equipment (PPE) on site. What are the requirement for safety should Bud provide?

A. Medical surveillance
B. Job safety analysis
C. Operating permit’s
D. Pollution control equipment

A. medical surveillance


And abandoned department store is being demolished to make way for an office park, and the engineer working on the demolition has confirmed there is asbestos present. He then communicates to the new owners the quantity of asbestos present in the building. What other information on the asbestos needs to be communicated to the stakeholders?

A.. Location
B. Wright
C. Type
D. If it is friable

A.. Location


Explain the term asbestos containing materials.

Products containing more than 1% asbestos


Describe some of the major health effects of exposure to asbestos.

Asbestosis-serious, progressive, long-term non cancerous disease of the lungs.

Lung cancer-highest number of deaths related to asbestos exposure

Mesothelioma-rare form of cancer found in the thin lining of the lungs, chest, abdomen, and heart. Almost all cases are linked to exposure to asbestos. Even low dose short term exposures can increase the risk of mesothelioma.


A historic home is being renovated and turned into a museum. What Four tasks should be a part of this project?

A. hire a contractor, evaluate, act upon the results, submit waste manifest
B. Register with the EPA, seek contractor support, evaluate, act upon the results
C. Analyze the environment, sick contractor support, evaluate, act upon the results
D. Hire a contractor, analyze the environment, evaluate, submit waste manifest

C. Analyze the environment, seek contractor support, evaluate, act upon the results


How is lead commonly used?

Lead based paint
Zinc coatings
Plumbing supplies
Tetraethyl in leaded gasoline