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(Fill in the blank) the employer that actually initiated the hazard is normally cited as the______employer.

A. Exposing
B. Creating
C. Controlling
D. Correcting

B. Creating


Sue Neil’s warehouse needs to be painted, and he wants his maintenance staff to do the work. For which type of Hazzard will he need to provide training?

A. Scaffolding
B. Blood-borne pathogen’s
C. Welding
D. Hearing protection

A.. Scaffolding


What factors go into selecting an OSHA inspection team?

Criteria might be types of hazards were to meet up with, key activities such as supply chain and or labs, or areas where there might have been incidents in the past.

The team could include any of the below representatives would be only one or two persons were most knowledgeable about the areas to be inspected.

OSHA inspection team coordinator
Individuals to accompany the OSHA compliance officer during on site inspections
Document control manager
Consultant/industrial hygienist
Optional or situational team members, including representatives from the legal and or human resources department, law-enforcement/security coordinator, media/PR coordinator, and an incident/event team leader.


How do OSHA and sustainability go hand-in-hand?

Substituting nontoxic substances, especially cleaning products, for toxic ones will continue to be significant in reducing negative impact on the environment while promoting work safety


Which of the following is a condition of the willful violation?

A. The employer knew or should have known that he violation existed
B. There is a direct relationship to safety and health that could lead to an accident
C. The employer voluntarily chose to comply with the OSH act
D. There is substantial or foreseeable probability of serious injury or death

A.. The employer knew or should have known that a violation existed


Selecting appropriate flooring materials for the anticipated conditions of use is one method of reducing this.

A. Poor ergonomics
B. Electric shock
C. The potential for back injuries
D. Slips, trips, and falls

D. Slips, trips, and falls


OSHA and sustainability complement each other when:

A. Lawn sprinklers are set on timers.
B. Hazardous chemicals are reduced or eliminated
C. Staff is properly trained to maintain water features.
D. Cleaning products are all stored in a central location.

B. Hazardous chemicals are reduced or illuminated.


Explain the OSHA mandated hierarchy of controls.

PPE must be the last option for controlling workplace hazards.

OSHA mandates that employers use engineering and administrative controls to reduce or illuminate hazards first, before considering the use of PPE.


What areas need to be focused on when addressing methods for reducing slips, trips, and falls?


Flooring and stairs

Matting – use observant walk off mats at all doorways that lead to the outside and in other areas where it is for seeable that slippery conditions could exist

Cleaning chemicals – maintain floors and high risk slip. Using traction enhancing cleaner

Footwear – provide employees with access to slip resistant footwear

Hazard identification


Define serious violation.

Serious – violation with a substantial or for seeable probability that will cause serious injury or death


Samantha is selecting her OSHA inspection team. Which criteria is the least important to consider?

A. Types of hazards routinely dealt with
B. Key activities, such as supply chain
C. Areas where there have been incidents in the past
D. Building size

D. Building size


What are the most common hazards for which OSHA mandates training for building staff?

OSHA standards make it the employer’s responsibility to limit certain job assignments to employees who are “certified,” “competent,” or “qualified”

Asbestos and lead
Blood-borne pathogen’s
Electrical safety
Fall protection
Fire extinguishers
Hearing protection
Hazardous materials handling
Personal protective equipment
Powered industrial trucks


(Fill in the blanks) OSHA compliance officers have the authority to_____, _____,and_____any workplace of a covered employer without delay at any time during regular hours and at other reasonable times.

A. Enter; inspect; investigate
B. Enter; investigate; fine
C. Investigate; fine; prosecute
D. Enter; inspect; prosecute

A.. Enter; inspect; investigate


(Fill in the blank) personal protection equipment (PPE) he should be the_____option for controlling workplace hazards.

A. First
B. Last
C. Only
D. Second

B. Last


Maintenance staff in particular must receive adequate training on electrical hazards that includes all of the following capital EXCEPT:

A.. How to control recognized hazards.
B. How to evaluate hazards
C. How to prevent hazards.
D. How do I get to five or recognize electrical hazards

C. How to prevent hazards


Describe the three conditions for a willful violation condition.

The employer knew or should have known that a violation existed

The employer than voluntarily chose not to comply with the OSH act to remove the hazardous condition

The employer made choices not to comply, therefore acting any reckless manner


What components should electrical training for maintenance staff address?

Maintenance staff must receive adequate training that:

Teaches them how to identify recognize electrical hazards

Explains how to evaluate hazards

Demonstrates how to control recognized hazards


What are the four classifications of OSHA civil penalties?

De minimus-violation that does not immediately or directly relate to safety and health

Other than serious – violation with a direct relationship to safety and health that could lead to an accident or occupational illness but the probability that it would cause death or serious physical harm is minimal

Serious – violation with a substantial or for seeable probability that will cause serious injury or death

Willful – violation that the employer knowingly commit or commit with plain indifference to the law.


Select the four classifications OSHA civil penalties in order of severity.

A. Willful, de minimis, other than serious, serious
B. D minimus, other than serious, serious, willful
C. D minimus, serious, other than serious, willful
D. Willful, other than serious, serious, D minimus

B. Day minimus, other than serious, serious, willful


What factors should be considered when making decisions concerning hearing protection for employees?

The loudness of the noise as measured in decibels

The duration of each employees exposure to the noise

Whether employees move between work areas with different noise levels

Whether noise is generated from one source for multiple sources


Decibels, frequency, and attenuation are all measurements for this type of Hazzard.

A. eye and face
B. Motion
C. Hearing
D. Light and radiation

C. Hearing


Explain the authority of OSHA compliance officers.

Under section 8A of the Act, OSHA compliance officers have the authority to enter, inspect, and investigate any workplace of it covered employer without delay at any time during regular hours and it other reasonable times

You do have the right to refuse OSHA access to your facility and require that a warrant be obtained before inspection is conducted.


Quinn‘s building was charged with an OSHA violation stating that the risk of employees receiving disabling burns it was substantial. What type of violation did they receive?

A. Willful
B. D minimus
C. Serious
D. Other than serious

C. Serious


Describe the difference between creating, controlling, and correcting employers.

The creating employer actually creates the hazard

The controlling employer is responsible for safety and health conditions on the worksite

The correcting employer is responsible for actually correcting the hazard