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204. The goal of demonstrating civility during every phase of the hiring process and while new hires are being acculturated.

To create a civil work environment.


204. A police agency must demonstrate civility during every phase of the hiring process and while new hires are being acculturated in order to....

hire in the spirit of service


204. Creating a civil work environment further encourages...

excellent service to the community.


204. Civility does not mean tolerance of...

unethical or criminal conduct demonstrated by police officers.


205. A civil work environment is characterized by...

positive interactions, optimism the dismissal of cynicism and pessimistic beliefs.


205. Has spawned a culture of incivility in many organizations.

The emergence of casual or undisciplined work environments.


205. Defining characteristics of a culture of incivility.

discourtesy, constant unapologetic interruptions, vulgar language, gossip, rude and distracting emails.


205. Civility matters because it powerfully shapes...

the culture of a police agency, its employees, and the community it serves.


205. Civility determines how...

people interact, perform, solve problems, and interact within a common work environment.


205. During a new officers training/probationary period, supervisors, instructors, counselors, and field training officers must teach...

civility by demonstrating civil behavior and mentoring those just starting their police careers.


205. Showing respect for others,projecting can-do attitude, demonstrating concern and acceptance of others, acknowledging kindness, potential, and actively listening to others' concerns, TRAINERS can...

model civil behavior.


205. Finally, TRAINERS and MENTORS can model civil behavior by demonstrating....

anger management.


205. A culture of civility during pre-employment screening, basic police academy, and probationary periods creates...

productive, service focused, and satisfied employees.


205. Officers who are content with and positive about their careers and their agency, deliver...

excellent service, which in turn produces satisfied citizens.


205. Who has more emotional energy available to tend to their personal lives as well as their careers?

Police officers in a civil work environment.


205. In this environment, police officers have more emotional energy available to attend to their personal lives as well as their careers.

Civil work environment.


205. What effect does an uncivil environment have on police officers?

saps their energy and morale.


205. Positive byproducts of a civil work environment.

– High morale.
– Open communication.
– Productivity.


206. Using verbal abuse on trainees or probationary officers, is a behavior that stems from an antiquated belief that the person in charge must...

demonstrate aggressive and dominating behavior.


206. Individuals that view dominance as a sign of strength often view these as weaknesses.

– Empathy
– Respectfulness.
– Kindness.


206. Although officers should learn to be assertive, the aggressive and dominating behavior associated with...

obedience-oriented, military-style police training can be dangerous.


206. Produces arrogant officers who may disregard laws and policies designed to protect citizens as well as the officers themselves.

Militaristic training and attitudes.