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_______ are systems that serve organizations and individuals in multiple countries.

Global information systems


Global sites that cater to local needs and preferences is a process called ______.



The challenges associated with not all countries having the adequate information technology infrastructure.

Technological challenges


The challenges associated with different regulations and tariffs in different countries/regions for international business.

Regulations and Tariffs


Each country has their preferred method of payment. For example, while US prefer to use credit card for online purchase, the Japanese prefers to pick up and pay for their merchandise at convenience stores called "konbini".

Differences in Payment Mechanisms


The challenges associated with needing to communicated internationally. This means parties must agree on a common language and that can create problems as data might not be transmittable internationally in real time because the information must first be translated (usually by human beings).

Language Differences


Imposing the culture of one nation upon another is known as ______.

Culture imperialism


_______ refers in general to the many ways in which people from different countries vary in their tastes, gestures, preferred colours, treatment of people of certain gender or age, attitudes about work, opinions about different ethical issues etc.

Cultural Differences