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post TBI depression criteria

2 weeks in which the individual experiences loss of interest or depressed mood accompanied by at least 4 additional symptoms
-changes in appetitie
weight loss or gain
decreased energy
feelings of worthlessness
suicidal ideation


___% of TBI were at much higher risk for development of depression within 7.5 years after injury compared to general population



organic personality disorder

traditional diagnosis for individuals who develop a personality disorder following TBI
-exhibiting a change from the individual's pre-injury personality
experience changes such as:
-affective lability
-uncontrolled emotions


pseudobulbar affect

prone to sudden unexpected, inexplicable, and often inordinate episodes of crying or laughing
-may co-occur with depression
-people with this cannot understand why they are displaying emotions in contrast to their actual feelings


substance misuse

consumption of alcohol and illicit drugs and the use of prescription drugs exceeding the prescribed amount or use of another person's prescription drugs


substance use disorder (SUD)

continued substance use despite health, psychological, or social consequenecs


prevalence of substance use disorder in TBI

up to 2/3rds of people receiving rehab for TBI or treatment of substance misuse have a hx of both TBI and substance misuse.
-compared to 10% of general population diagnosed with SUD


Assessment tools for substance use disorder

-open-ended questioning
-reflective questioning
-Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT)
-CAGE (adults)
-CRAFFT (adolescents)
-Alcohol, Smoking, and Substance-use Involvement Screening Test (ASSIST)


Deficits from TBI that affect treatment for substance use disorder

deficits in attention, organization, and memory could lead to problems remembering and attending appointments, as well as affecting participation in group or learning activities, impulsivity, and impaired social skills


If an individual misused alcohol or other drugs prior to TBI, the risk of returning to substance misuse after injury is ___ times higher