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range of common chimp v range of bonobo

-common chimp - wider range


characteristics of chimpanzees

-knuckle walking
-travel to forage
-sleep in nests at night
-largest brained primate


Fiona Stewart

-studied the comfort of chimp nests - they are comfortable


Jane Goodall

-biggest commitment to studying chimps
-began study in Gombe National Park, Tanzania
-1st person to habituate chimps, sit close to them and identify them individually
-today: spends most of time on conservation


Discoveries about chimp behavior

-tool-making - leaves as sponges; ant dipping
-meat eating
-use medicinal plants to get rid of worms
-complex social relationships: mother/infant, greeting rituals, response to loss (emotional bonds)


social structure of chimps
-what is it
-who first discovered it and what name did he give it

-community - fission/fusion
-discovered by Toshiada Nishiada but he gave a name that didn't stick (unit groups)
-Jane Goodall gave current name and this stuck


foraging and traveling structure
-7 types of traveling structures
-forage together or alone

-single female
-double female - juvenlies
-single female, multi-male
-single male
-single female + infant
-older mom and daughter with their children
**all of the chimps know each other, but they don't forage together


adult male hierarchy

-sons enter dominance age around 15-20 years
-they move up if they are aggressive
-males stay within group


Female special characteristics

-they emigrate, whereas usually males emigrate
-fertile: males hover around her; females are promiscuous - mates with several males until she is pregnant and travels with them; then travels alone until she gives birth


Chimpanzee reunions

-groom each other upon reunion
-social grooming - reduces tension, social bonding, conflict resolution


maturation timeline

-pregnancy: 8 mo
-infancy: 3-4 yrs
-juv/subadult: 5-8 yrs
-puberty: 10-12 yrs (f); 11-13 yrs (m)
-adolescence/sterility: 2.5 yrs (f only)
-1st pregnancy: 12-14 yrs


female development path

-usually emigrate to new community between puberty and adolescence


male development path

-stay in community
-dominance hierarchy during adolescence
-alpha at 25 yrs


relationship between number of hunters and success of foraging

percent success of foraging increases with number of hunters


Story of Figan and Faben

-2 sons of Flo
-Faben was on the path to becoming alpha male but he got polio
-hooked up with his brother Figan and together they became dominant
-2 brothers killed off males in another community


Communities set up by Jane Goodall

-north to south
-Kasakela (Figan and Faben lived here)
-gave out extensive bananas but this upset natural foraging patterns, so they stopped


Jane Goodall timeline of events

-Provisioned Chimps (1962-67)
-Polio outbreak (1966) - Faben
-Provisioning reduced (1967-73)
-Kasakela and Kahama divided (1970); 2 distinct groups (1972)
-Attacks on Kahama males by Kasakela males (1974-77)