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bethanechol: class, application, and action

cholinomimetic. direct agonist. used for post-operative ileus, neurogenic ileus, and urinary retention. activates bowel and bladder smooth muscle. resistant to AChE.


carbachol: class, application, and action

cholinomimetic agent; direct agonist.
used for glaucoma, pupillary constriction, and relief of intraocular pressure.


pilocarpine: class, application, and action

potent stimulator of sweat, tears, and saliva. used for open and closed angle glaucoma.
contracts the ciliary muscle, which is good for open angle glaucoma, and contracts the pupillary sphincter, good for closed angle glaucoma. (you cry, drool, and sweat on your PILO). resistant to AChE



used as a challenge test for asthma. stimulates the muscarinic receptors in the airway when it is inhaled


Neostigme: uses, class, special considerations

used for post op and neurogenic ileus, myasthenia gravis, and post-op reversal of the NMJ blockade. No CNS penetration


pyridostigmine: uses, class, special considerations

used for myasthenia gravis, doesn't penetrate the CNS.
itis stronger than other anticholinesterases.


physostigmine: uses, class, special considerations

used for anticholinergic toxicity becasue it can cross the BBB and penetrate the CNS. it is used to treat atropine overdose. anticholinesterase


Edrophonium: uses, class, special considerations

historically used to diagnoses myasthenia gravis (very short-acting). We now use anti-AChR Ab test. anticholinesterase


Potential side effects of all cholinomimetic agents

COPD exacerbation, asthma, and peptic ulcers.


What might be seen with cholinesterase inhibitor poisoning?

Too much cholinergic activity! see diarrhea, urination, miosis, bronchospasm, bradycardia, excitation of skeletal muscle and CNS, lacrimation, sweating, and salivation


Antidotes for cholinesterase inhibitor poisons

atropine (competitive inhibitor) + pralidoxime (regenerates AChE if given early enough)