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What is the APGAR score?

used to measure a baby's responsiveness at birth. appearance, pulse, grimace, activity, respiration. scored from 0-10 and measured at 1 min and 5 min. scores above 7 are good; 4 and below require resuscitation


What conditions are associated with low birth weight?

SIDS and all-cause mortality.
also associated at risk for infection, respiratory distress, necrotizing enterocolitis, intravascular hemorrhage, and persistent fetal circulation


normal motor development for 0-12 months

primitive reflexes disappear (moro by 3 mo. rooting by 4 mo, palmar by 6 mo., babinski by 12)
posture: can hold head up by 1 mo, rolls and sits by 6 mo, crawls by 8 mo, stands by 10 mo, walks by 12-18 mo.
picks: passes toys hand to hand by 6 mo and has a pincer grasp by 10 mo.
pointing by 12 mo.


normal social development for 0-12 months

Social smile: 2 mo
stranger anxiety: 6 mo
separation anxiety: 9 mo


normal verbal/cognitive development for 0-12 mo

orients: first to voice at 4 mo, then to name and gestures by 9 mo
object permanence by 9 mo
oratory: mama and dada by 10 mo


normal toddler motor skills

climbs stairs by 18
cubes stacked (3X age in years)
cultured: feeds self with fork and spoon
kicks ball by 24 mo.


normal toddler social skills

recreation: parallel play by 12 mo
rapprochement: moves away from and then returns to parent at 24 mo
realization: core gender identity formed by 36 mo.


normal toddler verbal/cognitive skills

200 works by age 2; 2 word sentences


normal motor skills for preschool

tricycle at age 3
drawing: copies line or circle; stick figure by age 4
hops on 1 foot at age 4
uses buttons and zippers and grooms self at age 5


normal social skills for preschool

comfortably spends part of the day away from parent by 3 yr
cooperative play and imaginary friends at 4 yrs


normal congitive/verbal skills for preschool

1000 words by age 3. complete senstences and prepositions by age 4.
can tell a detailed story at age 4.


mnemonic for early developmental milestones

parents start observing; child rearing working; don't forget learning!