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What is chronic kidney disease?

The irreversible and sometimes progressive loos of kidney function over a period of months to years


What are some of the potential pathogeneses for chronic kidney disease?

Immunologic such as glomeulaornephrtis, and infection such as pyleonephiris, genectics such as alorts, obstruction of reflux nephropahty hypertension, and a vascular systemic disease such as diabetes


What happens to the kidneys as they are damaged?

They become smaller and more scarred


What GFR is classed as kidney failure?

GFR < 15


When does the risk of death start to increase with kidney failure?

When the GFR goes below 75


What are some f the things that you can measure to determine reanl function?

Isohexol clearnace, serum creatining, inulin clearnace and 5@ GFR clearance


What are some of the limitations of measuring renal function?

Defines chronic kidney disease and is not useful in acute kidney injury, and only useful in adults and corrected for black patients not asian patients


What are some of the investigations that you can perform to determine the casue of the chronic kidney disease?

Imaging of the kdineys, such as USS to look for hydornephosis and size, autoantibody screen, compelement, immunolgobin, ANCA, CRR


What are some of the potenial complications of chornic kidney disease?

Acidosis, anemia, renal osteopathy and metabolic bone disease


Why can CKD cause anemia?

There is decrease erthropeitn production, and resistance to erthyoporint and this causes decreased RBC survival


Why does CKD cause metabolic bone disease?

There is a decrease in GFR, which causes a decrease in vtiamin D, causin ostoemalaia, and increased phosphate causes decreased calcium and therefore there is a increase in PTH which causes ostecia fibrosa cystica


What are some of the effects of a renal osteopdystrophy?

A rugger jersey spin, and advanced long standing CKD and non bone calcification


How can you prevent or delay the progression of renal disease?

Change any of the ponteially modifiable risks, and use renal replacement thearpy


What are some of the inidications to start a patient on dialysis?

Hyperkalemia, fluid overload, pericarditis, acidosis and uraremic symptoms