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What are some of the things that can cause patholgy of the filter in the glomerulus?

Fliter can leak, filter can block and there can be nephrotic and nephritic syndorme


What is nephrotic syndorme?

Loss of protien in the kidney leads to loss of protein in the blood, and therefore water is drawn into the tissues and causes odema


What is nephritic disease?

Kidney disease that is showing signs of nephritis, and you would see both protein and blood within the urine


What are some of the areas where injury can occur within the glomeulrus?

Subepitheal, within the glomeular basement membrane, mesengial and paramesignal, and immune complex depositon


Where is the likely site of damage to the glomerulus in nephoritc syndrome?

Podocyte or subepitehal damage


What are some of the common primary causes of nephrotic syndorme>

Membranous glomeular nephrotis, focal segment glomeularnephritis and minimal change glomeulurnephritis


What are some of the common secondary causes of nephrotic syndrome?

Diabetes mellitus and amyloidoisis


What are some of the characteristics of minimal change glomeularnephritis?

There is heavy proteinuria and neprhotic syndrome, responds to steriods and there is usually progression to renal failure, and the incidnee decreases with increasing age


How would you describe the pathogenesis of minimal change glomeular neprhitis?

Is considered to be idopathic, and there is often no change in the light mricoscopy, there is diffuse loss of podcytes which are damaged by some kind of circulating factor


Give some of the characteristics of FGSs?

Is seen in adults and is less responsvie to steriods then minimal change, and is often progressive to renal failure


What are some of the features of the pathogenesis of FSGS>

There is a circulating factor that damages to the podcytes, and can have a particular effect after transplant


What are some of the characteristics of membranous glomeulnephritis?

Commenest cause of nephrotic syndrom in adults, can be seconday and associates and is due to the immune complex deposits


What is the pathogolgy of the subepthieal membranous glomularnephrtirs>

IgG froms a immune complex and this goes through into the system, and the antigen is also found on an area of podycytes, and phodpholipase A2 receptors are involved in forming the respose of the body


How can diabetes mellitus cause nephrotic syndrome/

There is mircovascular damage that is occuring at the kdineys, and mennigenat sceloris that cuses progressive proteinuria as the kidneys become more leaky, and the basement membrane also thickens and therefore affects the proccess of glomeular filtration


What are some of the common causes of heamtouria?

IgA neurptahy of thing glomeular basement membrane disease


What are some of the different causes of nepthritic syndrome?

Effects on the endothelium such as vascuilitis and good pasture syndrome


What are the characteristics of IgA nerupathy?

Can present at any age with visible and invisble hameoturia, and is the most common glomueularnephritis worldwide, and has a relationship with mucosal infections as igA is commonly ussed to protect the mucosal surfaces


What is the pathogenenis of IgA neurpathy?

There is depostion of IgA contiang immune complexes in the mesengain which may become hypercellular and have increased deposition of extracellular matirx


What are some of the causes of vasculitis?

It is a group of systemiatic diseases, where there is no immune complex depostion, and there is an association with ANCOA and is treatable only if caught early


Why is alport sydrome associated with neuropathy?

There is a defect in the formation of collagen IV whih is involved in the formation of the glomeular basement membrane s


What is good pasture syndrome?

Where an autoantibody to collagen IV is produced, is a type II hypersenstivity reaction that can rapidly progress to an acute onset of severe nephritic syndrome and then renal failure