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What is end stage renal failure?

When death is likley without renal replacement thearpy, and eGFR < 15ml/min


What are some of the symptoms that a paitent with ESRD may expeirence?

Tiredness, increased infections, sexual dsyfunction, restless legs and cramps, nausea and vomiting as well as a reduced apeptities, and symptoms and signs of fluid overload


What are some of the options when the kdineys fail?

Hameodiayslis, pertioneal diysis, conservative care and transplant


How does hameodialysis work?

Blood is feed through a tube to a dialyser where diffusion can take place


What are some of the advantages of undergoing heamodialysis?

There is less responability and you get time off being treated


What are some of the disadvantages of undergoing heamoidialsysi?

You are tied to the dialysis schedule and the is a big restirction to your fluid and food intake


What are some of the contrainidcaitons for heamodialusis?

Heart failure is a relative contrainidcation, also coagualpahty, and failed vascular access as well as access failure


What is the proccess of peritoneal dialysis?

Diaylsis fluid is fed into the peritoneal caivt, and thepartially permebale membrane is the peritoneal membrane, and fluid diffuses across the membrane


What are the two types of pertionelal Diaylsis?

CAPD, continous ambulartory dialysis which happens throughout the day, and APD


What are some of the advantages of peritoneal dialysis?

You are self sufficent and independant, failry easy to travel and you have less fluid and food restirctions, and renal function is better preserved intially


What are some of the disadvantages of periontelaal dialysis?

There are frequnet daily bag changes, and there is also the reponsibility


What are some of the contradinidations for pertoneal diaylsis?

Failure of the peritojneal membrane, the patient or carer is unable to conect themselves, adehesions or previous abdominal surgery, and the patinet is obsese and has a high muscle mass


What are some of the complications of peritoneal dialysis?

Leaks, peritonitis, development of herniae and failure of the ultrafilitrate


What is Home HD?

You are connected up the a HD machine in your own home, which is generally better for the patient quality of life, however there needs to be someone present incase the patient starts to bleed


What are the different types of kidney transplant?

Liver donor who may be related or unrealted, deceasd after brian death and then diseased after circulatory death


What are some of the immunsupressing drugs that you might use after a kidney transplatnt?

Prograf, predisone and mycolat


What may be some of the symptoms seen in ESRD with end of life care

Bone pain, naesua and lack of appetite, prutisi, constopatidn