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What are the current classification used for mental disorders?

ICD: International Classification of Diseases and Mental Disorders
1st ed: 1948 (with mental disorders)
Current ed: 10th
Reflects medical/bio model
Used mainly in Europe

DSM: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
1st ed: 1952
Current ed: 5th (213)
Reflects medical/bio model (used to be psychoanalytic)
Used mainly in USA, Australia and English-speaking world


What are the underlying assumptions underlying classification and diagnosis of the Medical Model?

Pathology is qualitatively different from health (e.g. broken leg)
Etiology: Can be found from biological causes?


What is the aim of the medical model?

To find the biological etiology of mental disorders, target the cause (by perhaps removing the bad stuff) and restore the patient to health?


Why did the medical model's progress slow down?

Early 1900 - not delivering its promise.
Many harmful treatments around (e.g. lobotomy, f___ f___)


What did the Psychoanalytic model of psychopathology propose?

Popular around 1940-1970
Good things:
1. Pathology as the extreme manifestations of normal - pathology quantitatively different from health
2. Milder cases getting treated
Proposes that depression is a self-defence mechanism that arises from the suppression of socially unacceptable thoughts in the unconscious --> Treatment is to release such thoughts, and thus symptoms would subside

Problems with this model:
- Poor interrater reliability: no one could agree on the diagnoses, how many symptoms needed, severity of symptoms, length of symptoms etc.
- Validity? Unfalsifiable, and not really grounded on observable phenomena


DSM-I & II - Model

DSM-I & II heavily based on psychoanalysis.
??? (can't remember distinctions between this slide and the one before)


DSM-III onwards

Reintroduction of Medical Model
- Better reliability
- Validity? Are these symptoms reflecting what depression really is?