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Resource pooling

Resource pooling places all of the computing resources in one place, and then distributes from the pool when needed. A VM (Virtual Machine) manager using a portion of available physical memory is taking advantage of resource pooling.


Rapid elasticity

Rapid elasticity is the characteristic of scaling up or down cloud resources with demand. More resources will be made available during busy times, and those resources will be seamlessly removed when the demand is low.



Metered resources are measured based on usage. As more information is uploaded, stored, and downloaded, the costs are tracked and billed accordingly.



Cloud computing allows users to create or remove resources at any time, or on-demand. This flexibility allows organizations to quickly react to changes, deploy updates, and remove excess resources.


Measured service

Tracking costs and utilization is useful for tracking and billing, and a measured service provides a way to monitor and view the use of cloud- based resources.



A hybrid cloud model combines both public and private clouds together. The hybrid cloud does not describe the scalability of these cloud deployment models.